Ben & Jerry’s Releases Netflix and Chilll’d for Your Dates and Movie Marathons

Netflix and Chilll'd

Fanciful ice cream maker Ben and Jerry’s has recently launched a new flavor named “Netflix and Chilll’d” (with three L’s). Designed to accompany your next binge-sesh, it features sweet peanut butter ice cream swirled with salty pretzels and fudge brownie chunks. The tub is illustrated with three cows sitting on a red sofa enjoying their own bovine-themed movie night, while the lid declares it “A Netflix Original Flavor.”

Ben and Jerry’s is known for its whimsical, pop culture-themed favors. The most famous might be Cherry Garcia, named for Jerry Garcia of band Grateful Dead, but others include Stephen Colbert’s Americone Dream and Festivus (named for the made-up winter holiday featured in Seinfeld). But the name of this delicacy comes from the expression “Netflix and chill,” a catchphrase that initially began as slang for relaxing after a hard day, but eventually transformed into a euphemism for hooking up. Of course, the dating apps on your smartphone popularized the phrase even more, bringing us our newest favorite flavor of ice cream.

Either way, if you’re like the 87% of Americans that have ice cream in their freezer at any given time, you’re going to want to snag this new flavor soon.

Netflix, Branding, and Ice Cream

Netflix has actually teamed up with ice cream makers before to create some fun specialty flavors. In 2019, Baskin-Robbins transformed one of its Burbank, California locations into Scoops Ahoy, the ice cream parlor from Stranger Things. They even launched a series of flavors based on the show, including Upside Down Sundae, Demogorgon Sundae, Byers’ House Lights Polar Pizza Ice Cream Treat, USS Butterscotch Quarts, and an Elevenade Freeze. Similar pop-up locations have also appeared in Toronto and other parts of California where swimming pools and warm summer days abound.

Popular comedian Michelle Buteau enjoyed the ceremonial first scoop of Netflix and Chilll’d at the flavor’s official launch. In 2018, Buteau was featured in Netflix’s The Comedy Lineup, a series of 15-minute mini specials that each featured a different comedian. More recently, she starred in the popular Netflix original movie ‘Always Be My Maybe.’

Ben and Jerry’s Non-Dairy Ice Cream Options

Ben and Jerry’s announced it will soon be launching a vegan version of “Netflix and Chilll’d” made with almond milk instead of dairy. Similar non-dairy options began appearing in 2016 including classic favorites like Chunky Monkey and Chocolate Fudge Brownie. More non-dairy options were released in 2019, including Chocolate Caramel Cluster, Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, and Chocolate Salted ‘n Swirled for a total of 12 non-dairy flavors.

These new flavors are part of a greater effort on the part of Ben and Jerry’s to meet the needs of vegans, vegetarians, and those who are lactose-intolerant. In addition to the new flavors, the company participated in World Vegan Day by offering free scoops of their vegan flavors, as well as challenging their followers to try a 30-day vegan challenge.

Not all of Ben and Jerry’s non-dairy options feature almond milk, by the way. Three of their non-dairy flavors — “Milk” and Cookies, Crème Brûlée Cookie, and Mint Chocolate Cookie — include sunflower butter instead.

If you need some help deciding on what to watch while enjoying one of their cool treats, the Ben and Jerry’s website offers suggestions from four of their flavor gurus, including mixing Milk and Cookies with ‘The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina‘ or Half Baked with ‘Grace and Frankie.’

Whether you’re indulging on vacation or just enjoying a sweet treat, you can score a pint of Netflix and Chilll’d for $4.99 or $5.99 per pint wherever you get your usual Ben and Jerry’s fix.


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