‘The Ebb Tide’ Wants To Make Waves Concerning Climate Change

Art, in all mediums, can inspire greatness within us. For example, a movie about an unknown filmmaker caused me to dedicate my life to cinema. Photographs may create a mixture of emotion without so much as giving us a single word to go on. Paintings can make one realize the strength of humanity or the importance of religion. In short, art is the window to all we can be.

Now, you may think this view lacks my usual cynicism. Fear not. Art is not without its faults. Hamfisting a message into a movie or novel can diminish the work’s possibilities to spark change. Those sorts of flat efforts can usually be attributed to big studio productions. However, when it comes to my bread-and-butter, indie cinema, odds are the filmmaker will care more about nuance than what is marketable. That brings me to the topic of a startup movie called ‘The Ebb Tide.’

The film is currently in the GoFundMe stage of development, but University of the Arts London student Emily Robinson is hoping to pack a powerful message in a tiny package:

“The current environmental crisis is informing not just the world of our story but our entire production process. We are a team of passionate filmmakers who want to tell an important story and promote the beauty and worth of sustainable filmmaking. We are aware that our field can be the most wasteful and that the environmental impact of the entertainment industry is skyrocketing.”

As we’ve seen from filmmakers like Val Vega, the right mixture of color, camera work, and artistic flair can envoke something amazing. Maybe it can even change our minds in this critical discussion about climate change.

If you’d like to get more information on the film and contribute to a necessary cause, click here.

There is currently a short teaser available, check it out below.


The beach and ocean are strewn with plastic, and only a few frail weeds grow between the piles of refuse. He spends his days rooting in the waste below a glaring sun. As the land around him falls into ruin and decay, the man has survived through conservation and isolation. That is until, one day, a woman is washed ashore, and for her, survival is not enough.


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