‘Riverdale’ Season 4 Episode 13 Review – Chapter 70: The Ides of March – and THAT Cliffhanger

Riverdale Season 4 Episode 13 Review

Riverdale Season 4 Episode 13 Review

When we tuned into Riverdale tonight, there was one thought looming over us like the dark cloud that’s currently actually looming over our hometown – what on earth was going to happen to Jughead? For weeks now…maybe months, we’ve been teased with the idea that Jughead was going to meet an untimely death – and soon.

So when he put on his infamous Serpents jacket tonight before going to the Stonewall Prep party…we knew something was up. However, we’re getting ahead of ourselves, so let’s rewind just a bit and discuss the importance of the Ides of March.

The week starts with Archie Andrews waking up early to take care of the crew employed at his dad’s construction company. This is an important nod to what’s going on in Archie’s head vs his heart, and we see this as the episode progresses. He’s torn when he considers what’s going on in his future, especially when he looks at the lives of those around him. Before heading to school, he stops by the gym to make coffee for Maddog’s mom – showcasing his sweetheart amid his confusion.

It comes as no surprise that the principal doesn’t have the news Archie was hoping for. Amid everything life has handed him in the last couple of years…he isn’t on course to graduate. This weighs on Archie for the duration of the episode.

Riverdale Season 4 Episode 13 Review:
Riverdale Season 4 Episode 13 Review

Also carrying a heavy burden is Veronica who gets hit with two blows. Not only is her father deathly ill, but he told her ‘sister’ about it… not her. This inspires Veronica to try to ‘fun’ her way out of her own head. Archie soon catches on and finally gets her along to ask her what’s going on. She tells him about her dad and he reminds her that one thing will bring Hiram back to his former (hated) self.

She is the inspiration he needs to fight.

If you’re keeping up with this season of Riverdale, you know that Jughead has been having a rough go at Stonewall Prep. This episode is no different. In fact, it may showcase one of the toughest challenges he’s had to face so far. Does he walk away from it all, or does he fight to clear his name?

Spoiler alert: he walks away, but not without a plan. The plan will take place at the Stonewall Prep party happening on…the Ides Of March (hence the episode title). The plan must also include Veronica and Archie – but we’re not really sure how. Why? Well, the plan is something seemingly only Jughead knows. This makes the end of the episode absolutely gut-wrenching.

This is because of those flash-forwards. The one where Archie tells Betty that Jughead is dead. The one where FP comes to bring them to justice for the murder of his boy? We are finally face-to-face with them, and we hate it.

The fab four are in the woods but only 3 are standing. Veronica and Archie happen upon Betty and Jughead, but there’s something bad happening. Jughead last went into the woods with Bret and the next time we see him…he’s lifeless on the ground. Only, it’s not Bret standing over his body, it’s Betty. This is frustrating because Betty also went into the woods, but with Donna, who attempted to trigger her with a word she learned from our most hated farmie – who she visited in jail. Look, there’s a lot to uncover here but we only have so much time.

In the woods, Archie feels for Jughead’s pulse, and he can’t find one. He looks up at Betty and asks what she’s done, and she looks down at her hands to find them bloody. Veronica glances over at her and the scene fades to black.

The real kicker? There’s no promo for the next episode. So not only are we left wondering what ACTUALLY happened, there’s no sneak peek of next week. We really miss those flash-forwards right about now.

We’d usually say something here about the incredible episode, but it’s hard to enjoy much about it right now. So we’ll leave you with this: tune into the CW next week for the new episode of Riverdale (we hope). Here’s hoping we find out what’s going on with Jughead, and that if he IS dead…Betty isn’t responsible

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