Will There Be a ‘Goosebumps 3’ Movie?


There have been two film adaptations of the classic horror Goosebumps books written by R.L Stine. Will there be a Goosebumps 3, though? We’ve all been wondering and waiting. So, is it coming?

What Do We Know About a Possible Goosebumps 3?

We haven’t heard much from the creators of the Goosebumps films. And Stine doesn’t have an update to share with fans either. What we do know is that before Goosebumps launched, Stine had built quite a fan following for his Fear Street series, which was geared towards an older audience. That series was also supposed to be turned into multiple films.

“There were three scripts, it was supposed to be three movies, that are supposed to come out one month after the other. June, July, and August, and there are three scripts, and that’s the last I heard about it,” Stine revealed to press.

Stine doesn’t have any additional news to share though on the projects at this time. Though if there is another Goosebumps film, Stine wouldn’t mind making another cameo.

“It was fun. I like going down to Atlanta, and hanging out with everybody, and doing my little five seconds.” Stine commented.

What story would the third film possibly tell? Stine hopes it will be “The Haunted Mask” stating, “that’s my best Halloween book, I think.”

The First Two Films

The first Goosebumps movie premiered in 2015 featuring Dylan Minnette, Jack Black, Odeya Rush, and was directed by Ron Letterman. The film follows a teenager, Zach Cooper, who moves from a big city to a small town. He meets his neighbor Hannah, only to realize she is the daughter of the famous author, R.L Stine (Jack Black). Of course, chaos ensues when Zach accidentally releases all of the monsters from Stine’s ‘Goosebumps’ books, and now they must work together to save the town.

Goosebumps 2: Haunted Halloween came out three years after the original film, in 2018, with a new cast (with the exception of Jack Black) and new director, Ari Sandel. The second film follows two young boys who accidentally release a ton of monsters into their town after opening an unpublished book called “Haunted Halloween.”

Similar to the first film, the monsters all come from the Goosebumps franchise and are creating terror in the town on Halloween night. The film stars Madison Iseman, Jeremy Ray Taylor, Caleel Harris, Chris Parnell, Wendi McLendon-Covey, and Ken Jeong.

Why We NEED the Third Movie

The second film ended in a way that left us hanging. Slappy, the evil ventriloquist dummy who comes to life, writes his own ending to the story and sucks R.L Stine right into the book. A third movie could take this ending down so many different paths and create a really cool and interesting story. Plus, not all of the creepy characters from the book series are in the movies, and bringing them into the third film would make a lot of childhood horror dreams come true!

Another reason we need a third and possibly final Goosebumps movie… we need to avenge Stine and end Slappy! Slappy supposedly can’t be killed. But we’d like to see a third film tackle this theory. Who knows, maybe he can be killed after all? There are so many possibilities!

If a third movie isn’t being made, we may just find out Slappy’s ending. Stine recently tweeted a teaser for a new book releasing on March 3. The book’s title is SlappyWorld: Diary of a Dummy, and Stine is encouraging readers to go ahead and pre-order a copy!

What do you think about getting a Goosebumps 3 movie? What storyline do you think they should/would follow?

We want to know your thoughts, comments, and opinions. Let us know in the comments below.


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  1. I’ll be updating the article for her today – Thank you for bringing this to my attention. The news had been referenced from another news site that didn’t clarify either – but we’ll update this information.

  2. I really hope we get a third, I enjoyed the first 2 and hate when they leave an ending like they did, we need to see how it all ends.

  3. Come on, the plot is right there! Have the book Stine is trapped in be Horrorland, where all his monsters go whenever they’re trapped. Then, have the main characters from both movies unite, like what happened in the Horrorland books, and have them go into the book to rescue him. As a twist, throw in Mr. Wood.

  4. I would love to see a third goosebump movie maybe with the characters Zach and Hannah they come back to their hometown and find that something was not right so they go to the cabin and found the book I guess you can take it from there but I love the first two goosebump movies and would love to see a third.