Tom Holland Credits Chris Pratt for ‘Being in His Corner’ During Marvel/Sony Situation

One of our favorite things in the pop culture realm is when people from one favorite film or series work with each other on another project of a different style. We especially enjoy it when the actors and actresses get along as well on screen as they do behind the scenes – sometimes even more.

This is the case with Tom Holland and Chris Pratt, who we first saw together in the Marvel realm. As Spider-Man and Star-Lord, the pair was an unlikely one, but it was on-screen magic. It seems like being part of the Marvel world is like a brother/sisterhood of sorts – the cast and crew have bonded over the years they’ve spent together.

So when we found out Holland and Pratt were working on another project together, we were thrilled. Onward, an animated Disney Pixar film is about brothers who are gifted with a magic spell that would allow them to reconnect with a lost loved one. There’s a catch, of course, and things certainly don’t go according to plan.

As the promo tour for Onward kicked off, Holland had a chance to mention that bond he has with Pratt and how it helped him through a tough time.

While attending the D23 Event, Pratt shared some kindness with Holland. You can see the full quote in the video below. The gist of it was exactly what he needed to hear at the time.

‘No, that’s not gonna happen. That’s not gonna happen. They’re going to figure it out and if not, you’ll be great. You’ll be fine.’

With Spider-Man safely back in the Marvel realm, fans can breathe easy. While we’re not sure if or when we’ll see Star-Lord and Spider-Man on screen together again. However, we’re sure we’ve not yet seen the last of Holland and Pratt collaborating.

You can see Pratt and Holland Onward in theaters next month!


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