10 Must-Have Pieces of Riverdale Merch for the Ultimate Fan

When you’re a fan of pop culture, having well-designed merch can be like a ‘badge of honor’. When you go out to the movies or your favorite store – people acknowledge it. You may get stopped at Target or tapped on the shoulder at Starbucks by someone who enjoys the series or film as much as you do.

We are major fans of…well…a lot of pop culture favorites so we have a lot of merch. Some of our favorites are the pieces of Riverdale we keep with us. From our Serpents jacket to our Riverdale themed jewelry, it’s rare that we go out and about without someone stopping us to talk about the show.

So we decided to compile a list of our favorite pieces of Riverdale merch. And the best part? You can get it all at Hot Topic – which is where we’ve purchased it all, too.

Our Favorite Pieces of Riverdale Merch



Jughead’s Beanie

Any fan of the series knows Jughead and his beanie are quite the inseparable pair. It’s no surprise that we’ve got this in our collection.

Riverdale Couple T-Shirt

This shirt from Hot Topic features two of our favorite Riverdale couples. It’s a must-have for any Bughead or Varchie fan!

Riverdale Season 4 T-Shirt

Riverdale Mini-backpack

The season 4 poster was probably one of our favorite promo images from Riverdale so far. Having it on a shirt is wonderful. We’ve dressed this shirt up and down and it’s awesome either way.

Riverdale Vixens T-Shirt

Need to channel your inner Cheryl? You need the Riverdale Vixens shirt with HBIC across the back because… don’t we all want to be the HBIC?

Pretty Poisons Jacket

This jacket is a statement piece. The Pretty Poisons were born out of a desire to take control, to be powerful on their own. Who wouldn’t want to rock this jacket and feel like a total badass?

Southside Serpents Jacket

Speaking of jackets, this is our favorite piece of Riverdale merch – and the one we get stopped for most often. THE jacket. It’s sold out currently, but keep an eye out.

Cheryl’s Serpent Jacket

If red is your color – this is your jacket. We added it to our collection after we got the original jacket and we love it. It’s a cropped jacket and makes all your outfits look way cooler, it’s just the vibe that comes along with it!

Pops Diner Shirt

If you’ve ever wanted to have a milkshake at Pop’s, this shirt is for you! You can channel your favorite Riverdale resident and rock this shirt at any time.

Riverdale Monopoly

This one might not be ‘Riverdale merch’ but it is a great game for fans to have. We’ve taken it over to game night with friends and played it at home, too. The theme of the game is absolutely perfect.

Did we mention your favorite piece of Riverdale merch? If not, let us know what we’re missing! Don’t forget to tune in to The CW on Wednesdays to watch Riverdale!


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