‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Welcomed Beanie Feldstein in Emotional Episode

One of our favorite television series’ of all time is experiencing some major changes right now, and our hearts are having a hard time adjusting. Grey’s Anatomy takes viewers on an emotional rollercoaster weekly. That is nothing new. We’ve lost favorite characters, seen others experience everything from bombs and plane crashes to hospital shootings, and we’re still tuning in season after season.

This season has been particularly hard to watch, as it seems like an exit is being set up for a show we’ve grown up watching. There are characters acting, well, out of character. More losses really cutting deep at the hearts of those who have suffered enough, and there’s a cloud of pain even for those who are experiencing joy.

So we tuned in Thursday night ready to cry, and cry we did. There was a particularly poignant moment between Cheif (always to us) Webber and a new face.

Webber’s wisdom and kind heart are truly what makes Grey’s Anatomy the series that it is. So when we saw this connection, it warmed our hearts. We were reminded of the start of a series. As the episode progressed, however, we saw it for something else.

The new face…Beanie Feldstein wasn’t really who she said she was, and when Webber found out, he greeted her with kindness. She wasn’t a practicing doctor, just someone who lived most of her life in a hospital. We won’t give away too much, but her presence really impacted the episode and Webber himself.

Her drive and passion for medicine, something he saw in so many young residents through the series, made him come face to face with some difficulties of his own. We’ve seen him in the midst of personal turmoil, and it seems that his career may be in the throes of indecision as well. Is there something making him a lesser surgeon? Is there room for him at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital if he hangs up that stethoscope for good? Will Webber fall victim to his old demons?

Those questions remain unanswered, but that poignant moment we mentioned earlier? Webber gave Tess that stethoscope. His stethoscope.

We feel in our hearts that we haven’t seen the last of Tess Desmond. We also hope we haven’t seen the last of Webber himself…as the Webber we all love.

Grey’s Anatomy returns next Thursday on ABC.


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