Tony Stark’s Death in ‘Avengers: Endgame’ “Broke” Mark Ruffalo

Mark Ruffalo

There are moments in a pop culture fan’s life that they’ll never forget. One of those, for us, is the moment Tony Stark met his fate in Avengers: Endgame. It was something we knew was coming… we just didn’t know the details. We weren’t sure what scene would be his last.

His death, while noble, was heartwrenching. We were sat in the theater (sold out showing the Thursday night the film came out) and the entire row of patrons next to us sobbed. Men, women, children…all fans of Marvel and the MCU for years. All of us having grown up with Tony Stark and all of us seeing his untimely end.

If it was painful for us, imagine being part of the cast. When we think about the bond they shared, it still brings tears to our eyes. Tony Stark was a pillar of the MCU. He still is, but it’s going to be different. It has to be. We’re going to see our favorite heroes discovering life without Tony in their next ventures.

Mark Ruffalo just spoke at C2E2 about the loss of Tony Stark, and his response was just like ours.

“Robert. Robert’s my hero. His Iron Man is like definitive and he started all this. I always marvel at him when I’m working with him, so… I’ mean, he’s done it the longest and done it with the most class and grace and generosity so yeah, I’d say Robert and when he died, that broke me.”

He also brought up the fact that they didn’t know Stark was going to die.

“We thought he was getting married. That’s what was in my script.”

Don’t we all wish that was how the script played out?

The true impact of Stark’s death has yet to be seen in the MCU, but it’s coming. Fans of Tony Stark were changed by his life and death, so those his character interacted with will certainly be different. We’re curious to see what that means in their personal lives and their careers. What weight will our favorite heroes carry, now?


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