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The Office Webisode Commentaries

The Office Webisode Commentaries


Webisode commentary from Creed Bratton is now live on the NBC site and I’ve included the direct link below. This is very unique, since his commentary is usually only available in audio form on the DVDs, but this video lets you watch Creed’s musings on one side of the screen while watching the webisodes on the other. Very cool and a great way to catch up on the webisodes if you haven’t seen them all!

Also check out the latest Office feature which looks at the best moments from the webisodes.

Favorite Webisode Moment #1 – Blackmail: Where there’s smoke there’s Creed.
Favorite Webisode Moment #2 – Blackmail: Kelly kissed a girl…and liked the attention it got her.
Favorite Webisode Moment #3 – The Accountants: Who would have thought the best day of Kevin’s life would involve Angela?
Favorite Webisode Moment #4 – Kevin’s Loan: Taste the ice cream… do it for Darryl.
Favorite Webisode Moment #5 – The Accountants: Angela’s not mean… she’s just demanding.
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