Exclusive: David Wall Talks ‘Gold Dust’

Writer, director, actor, producer David Wall spared us some of his time to talk about his family-friendly Western film ‘Gold Dust.’ How do you shoot a Western on a budget in the middle of the desert while keeping your cast and crew happy? We dive into those subjects and more in the interview!

‘Gold Dust’ will be hitting shelves and VOD on April 7th!


Somewhere along the border with Mexico, two lifelong friends – prospectors – use moth eaten maps and passed down legends in a lifelong search to find a ghost ship rumored to have been buried in the desert sand over millennia as the seafloor dried up. Today, Mexican drug lords operate here, using a fleet of children in ultra light airplanes, flying in a new type of treasure – heroin – modern gold dust. These two friends must decide between pursuing their dreams of treasure, suddenly so close, and what they know is right. To save themselves, or risk their lives to save a young girl captive to the drug lord. GOLD DUST is a wild adventure of treasure and ghosts, mirages and orphans, shattered dreams and lost loves. It blends the stark deadly beauty of the desert with a villain so disarmingly dangerous he becomes terrifyingly elegant. Classical music. Thundering opera. Rattlesnakes and precious gems. Mansions and gold mines. Friendship and despair. Hope. Death. And Love. Treasure beyond imagination always vanishes in the desert wind.


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