‘Jason Goes to Hell’ Director Takes On ‘The Texas Chainsaw Massacre’

It’s been a year since we’ve heard anything on a possible sequel to the Texas Chainsaw Massacre reboot. Finally, after a long wait, news has arrived.

A pair of writers have boarded the reboot: Adam Marcus [Jason Goes to Hell] and Debra Sullivan [I Walked With a Zombie]. Along with that change, the franchise could replace the previous screenwriter with a fresh face [though right now that is just purely a rumor]. What is being confirmed is that they’re still on track to go with the “35 years later” approach, and a cult might be involved. If you’re not familiar with the ‘latter years’ idea proposed for the sequel last year, here’s a little refresh:

“It’s 35 years later, there’s a relative going back. Why is he going back? I don’t want to set it in a dusty town. How do we make it more urban but keep that feel. There will be some relatives, some new people. There’s still the subtext of ‘are they eating these people?’ The whole idea of cannibalism, we’re bringing it back.”

Twisted is said to be planning it’s search for a director to begin sometime in the next few upcoming weeks.

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