Not All Producers Are Created Equally


Every television show or movie that has credits scrolling past will list at least one type of producer in an often-lengthy list of people credited with creating the show. But there are many different types of producers that perform varying jobs. Each classification of the producer carries its own title. Here are just some of the most familiar.

1. Producer

The producer is responsible for the project from beginning to end. Not only do they work to find the project, locate a scriptwriter, and seek financing, producers like Heather Parry also select the film’s director. The producer can have a say in hiring the crew and other production team members if they want to.

2. Executive Producer

The highest-rated of all the producers, the executive producer contributes some of his or her personal funds to help finance the project. Although earning first credit spot may sound like a big deal, there are headaches that come with the position. If the film loses money, so does the producer; and if the movie has cost overruns, this producer must locate additional financing.

3. Creative Producer

The creative producer works with the director to hire talent, revise the script, and fine-tune creative matters. This producer also tries to open lines of communication between the director and other essential departments.

4. Line Producer

This is the workhorse of the film world because he or she is responsible for making sure the movie stays on budget and wraps up on time. The line producer also plans the production timeline, handles HR problems, and creates script line items for the budget. Coordinating schedules between departments for activities, shoots, and onset is also part of the line producer’s job.

5. Showrunner

This producer is found in the television arena more often than in the film process. Taking responsibility for the many directors hired to shoot various episodes, the showrunner also directs the creative vision or path of the television series.

6. Associate Producer

Of all the film producer types listed, the associate producer may be the most focused. Beyond helping raise funds for the production costs, the associate producer oversees all production in a specific area of the film. He or she may also share duties that overlap with the primary producer of some films.

7. Field Producer

When the shooting needs to take place outside the studio, the field producer is the person that oversees all the details associated with the production. The work can consist of 18-hour days and require someone with the ability to soothe the tempers of stressed and tired personnel.

8. Impact Producer

The impact producer is over film distribution and marketing. From sending hints about the film to attract media attention to arranging for distribution packages, this producer does it all.

It takes an extraordinary personality to perform any of the production jobs, but being a producer has the most stress and pressure associated with the position. If you love films, are a creative thinker, and can stay calm when stressed, it may be the job for you.

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