Chris Evans Announces Apple TV Series ‘Defending Jacob’

With news breaking almost daily about series’ we love being put on hold and movie premieres being delayed, pop culture fans got a bit of good news today. A new series, Defending Jacob, is coming to Apple TV soon and it stars someone we’re massive fans of, Chris Evans.

Evans took to Twitter this afternoon with a preview of the series that he’s starring in alongside Jaeden Martell and Michelle Dockery. The premise of the series seems to follow the notion that Martell’s character is accused of murder. This throws Evans and Dockery into a spiral. Their son couldn’t be guilty of murder, right?

It also poses the age-old question: ‘How far would you go to save someone you love?

In a quote we believe will sum up most of the series, Evans’ character says he’s simply done following the rules.

“Lawyers have boundaries, I don’t…not anymore”.

The trailer shows the emotions the family goes through as they work to uncover the truth. It also shows Evans ready to move mountains to keep his family together. Of course, no parent wants to believe their child is capable of murder, but there are moments of weakness for everyone involved. It’ll be interesting to see how the storyline plays out.

This show truly looks incredible, and while many of our ‘countdowns’ have been canceled lately, we happily started a new one today. The countdown for April 24th.

Defending Jacob can be seen on the Apple TV app on the 24th of next month, so there’s a little bit of that silver lining that we’re all looking for. Plus, it’s Chris Evans…that’s a reason to smile in itself.


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