Disney Broadway Cast Members Bring us to Tears with ‘Go the Distance’ Virtual Performance

When ABC partnered with Feeding America for a ‘Day of Hope’ – volunteers and workers at foodbanks were honored. Information was also made available for struggling people/families in need of their services. Now, more than ever, it’s important to look out for one another. With children out of schools and many adults out of work, the next meal isn’t guaranteed.

To further highlight the mission, a group of Disney Broadway castmembers joined together to put on a beautiful rendition of an Alan Menken song from Hercules. ‘Go the Distance’ is a classic Disney song, one on playlists of almost any Disney fan you’ll meet. Right now, it’s the uplifting and motivational song we all needed.

Their performance is the kind of thing that brings tears to your eyes – in the best way.

It’s not just the song choice or the fact that pieces of Disney are always good for the soul. It is the emotion in their eyes, smiles, and voices as they sing.

It’s a reminder that Disney magic exists – not just within the parks or the stores. It exists in the hearts of those who believe in it. It exists in the small moments, in the big ones, and in every moment in between.

If you, or someone you know, need help with your next meal – you can find more information, here.


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