Chris Evans Shares Dog Dodger’s Thoughts on Twitter During Quarantine and We Love It

chris evans dodger

There are few things we love more than the bond between a human and their dog. That’s especially true when it comes to Chris Evans and Dodger. If you look at Evans’ Twitter feed, you’re likely to stumble upon the photos and stories he shares about Dodger.

Most recently, he shared a photo of Dodger looking quite inquisitive. While the picture alone was adorable, his caption truly made it perfect. Sweet Dodger is wondering why they can’t go to the dog park anymore, and he’s a little annoyed that Evans is sleeping instead of getting him more food.

We’ve seen our own pets at home making that face at us a few times during this quarantine.

He also shared an adorable photo of himself and Dodger just a couple weeks ago, truly embracing the term ‘homebodies’. While hunkering down in the quarantine, and staying safe and healthy at home – the two are getting some ample bonding time together.

Evans truly adores Dodger. If you scroll through his Twitter feed, you’ll happen upon photos and videos of the pair and they’re sure to tug on your heartstrings. It’s the perfect content for this time in quarantine. You can also see Evans starring in the upcoming series Defending Jacob on Apple TV later this month.


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