‘Top Gun’ Sequel Featuring Tom Cruise Could Take A While

When a Top Gun sequel was announced, fans hoped Tom Cruise would return to the franchise. That wish was granted, but here’s the catch: Cruise returning could mean a longer wait for the sequel.

As most fans know, this isn’t the first time there’s been talk of a a followup to the 1986 blockbuster. Original producer Jerry Bruckheimer opened up a little about that to fans earlier this week, saying: “You know, it’s a long ways away; we’ve been talking about it since the movie came out and it was a big hit. Tom Cruise took a run at it many years ago and we just couldn’t crack it. So we’ll see what happens now.”

It seems a sequel to the film has been in and out of limbo since 1986, and with Cruise in filming [Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol], and scheduled for two movies already in pre-production [Rock of Ages, The Hardy Men], filming may have to be later postponed until his current projects are taken care of.

Will the sequel ever make it to production this time around? Or do you think it will fall back into the shadows?


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