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Jake Gyllenhaal Talks Chemistry And Anne Hathaway

Jake Gyllenhaal Talks Chemistry And Anne Hathaway


Jake Gyllenhaal is speaking out about Anne Hathaway, chemistry, and the difference between 2005’s Brokeback Mountain and 2010’s Love & Other Drugs.

We’re all used to seeing Anne and Jake star alongside each other on the big screen, but there’s a key difference in the chemistry between the two in their upcoming flick Love & Other Drugs that we didn’t see back in 2005’s Brokeback Mountain.

“It’s different because this story is about us. The other story [Brokeback Mountain], was about how we were not into each other. [Anne and I] have sex like 16 or 17 times in this one [Love & Other Drugs],” says Jake.

“Maybe it’s our experience in movies past or our love for each other as friends, but there’s real stuff going on. That makes it more special than any romantic comedy I’ve seen lately.”

Real stuff or not, one thing is for sure: there is no lack of nudity in this film! And Anne Hathaway, who recently confessed she was a crying wreck when taking it all off for her role with Jake, will have no problem putting her Disney Princess Diary‘s days behind her for more ‘realistic’ roles!

Are you a fan of the duo’s feature film’s together? And if so, which is your favorite? The Day After Tomorrow? Brokeback Mountain?


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