AMC Premieres Friday Night In With The Morgans and We Are Obsessed

AMC premiered Friday Night in with the Morgans on Friday, April 17th and we have to say, we’re obsessed! The series focuses on Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Hilarie Burton as they embrace this new normal on their Mischief Farm. Both Jeffrey and Hilarie tweeted about the series in the days before the premiere. It’s a half an hour, every week, where the two share conversations with friends that aim to lift the spirits of all of us.

For their first chat, they invited Christian Serratos, Jensen Ackles, Danneel Ackles, and their family doctor, Dr. Sharagim Kemp.

Hilarie mentioned that Dr. Sharagim Kemp is also one of their best friends, so they invited her in for the chat. When asked what people can do to help, her advice was simple: “Stay home and let us inform you”.

She mentioned that so much of this is unknown and a lot of false information can be spread – so just…ask your health care providers.

Jensen and Danelle soon discussed the way they introduced Hilarie and Jeffrey – and that the four of them have different versions of the story. It was something like a slow-motion movie scene with wind-blown hair and a hunk on a motorcycle. Hilarie laughed, Jeffrey smiled, and when Jensen shared a ‘scene’ from that night that he’d built like a lego set…well…we all cracked up.

In terms of the halted production on Supernatural (Jeffrey and Jensen both star in the series) Jensen said they were so close to the finish line. He laughed when he said the show seemed unending.

Christian’s latest project, Selena, was also halted. They got a little over half of the filming done before they had to stop. She’s choosing to embrace the fact that everyone is safe and healthy, and knows they’ll return to something great.

She spoke of her home life during the quarantine. From couples therapy to mixology, she and her partner are covering all the bases. They’re also soaking up time with their sweet daughter.

They all spoke highly of the time at home with their kids – even if they’re all sort of ready to drop them off with the in-laws once this is all over. They’re all trying to slow down and enjoy this time that they otherwise wouldn’t have. When Dr. Kemp spoke about being away from her kids, it put a lot into perspective.

The series airs again next week and will touch on everything from COVID-19 to life on the farm and unscripted conversations with their new set of guests.


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