Creativity During the Pandemic: Max Cianci’s ‘Loopy’

Though many of us are experiencing a new normal under the current quarantine, it has not stifled the creative side of humans. I fully expect to see all sorts of new short films to be hitting various streaming services and YouTube over the Spring and Summer months.

Today I am proud to show you one that recently came to my attention: Loopy. The joint collaboration of Max Cianci and Anthony Peduzzi tackles the uneasy reality we are all in, “We wanted to make something that not only spoke to that truth, but would give us something engaging to focus on and fill our time with. It really came about because we were just so bored and scared.”

Check it out below:


Loopy is a short horror film made during the early days of the COVID-19 Pandemic. Inspired by the seemingly endless mundanity brought on by a life in quarantine, the filmmakers set out to capture the feeling of this new normal; a feeling we’ve all been forced to become painfully familiar with.


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