Looking Back at ‘Avengers: Endgame’ – One Year Later

Avengers Endgame

It doesn’t take quarantine for us to reflect on the emotional journey that pop culture can sometimes be, but it can make it more intense. A year ago this weekend, fans across the world piled into movie theaters ready to see an epic battle. The Avengers vs Thanos, our heroes vs the villain, good vs evil. We knew there would be losses, but there had to be that silver lining…right?

Avengers: Endgame was just that, an endgame. There was only one way the Avengers could stand victorious. One. There wasn’t time to brainstorm, no time to layout the perfect plan. They had moves to make, big ones, and they had to be made quickly.

While the film itself was incredible, being in the theater that evening was something we still can’t quite put into words. Surrounded by fans, waiting for a cumulation of 10 years of a pop culture experience. We donned the gear of our favorite heroes, bought memorabilia to commemorate the moment, and sat in the audience knowing we’d be experiencing this film together.

There were moments that will always stick out in our minds. Like when Hawkeye turns to nothing in the spot where his family once stood. When Iron Man and Nebula are saved by Captain Marvel, just in the nick of time. When we saw Tony as a father and when we saw him get to ‘say goodbye’ to his own. When Thor realized he was still worthy, and when Black Widow sacrificed herself.

Another moment we still get chills just thinking about is the moment our favorite heroes came together to fight Thanos. There was an audible gasp in our theater, followed by cheers and a feeling of relief. There was a chance, after all.

That scene is still one of the most talked-about in MCU history.

Another is when Iron Man makes that ultimate sacrifice, too. In a moment that caused sobs to be released across the audience, Iron Man snapped…and gave his loved ones the ultimate gift. He gave them hope. He gave them a future.

So it’s no surprise that #AvengersEndgame has been trending on Twitter for hours, and it’s making us more emotional about the entire thing. So much so that we decided to rewatch it today. The thing about Endgame is that it isn’t exactly an easy rewatch. For instance, we could watch Captain America: The Winter Soldier over and over – but this one…it stings.

We still get emotional thinking about Iron Man’s funeral. We still tear up thinking of Cap’s ‘ending’. We still feel heaviness when we think about those broken ties. How the heroes we love will change after their losses. How they’ll carry on the legacies of their loved ones as they channel new territory. It’s unknown, it’s unseen…it’s the next chapter that we’re all waiting for.

Fans aren’t the only ones feeling sentimental today. Mark Ruffalo tweeted a thank you to fans for being part of the ‘wild journey’ together.

A wild journey it has been, and we’re so happy to be part of it, too.

Are you rewatching Avengers Endgame today? Let us know.


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