NASA and Tom Cruise Are Coming Together for First Movie Filmed in Space

Tom Cruise

There are some film ideas that seem so out of this world, you can’t imagine actually seeing them on the big screen. Then, there are those ideas that are quite literally out of this world… and one of them just might be coming to a big screen near you.

That’s right – NASA is making a movie aboard the Space Station, and they’re calling Tom Cruise to be part of the film. Jim Bridenstine, NASA Administrator, first announced the project with this tweet just days ago. He also hopes to inspire people with the work they’re doing.

While not much else is being revealed, Deadline reported that the film could be an action-adventure. If anyone could pull off something that…intense, it’s Cruise. Plus, Bridenstine is right, NASA has ambitious plans. A film showcasing some of the incredible work happening right now truly could inspire children and young adults to be part of an amazing future.

We think the idea is fantastic, and we can’t wait to see what happens with it. What do you think about the first movie filmed in space? Are there any other names you’d love to see attached to the project? Let us know!


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