Star Wars Day May (the 4th) Be Over, But Baby Yoda Isn’t Going Anywhere

Baby Yoda

Even if you missed Star Wars Day (which takes place every May 4), that doesn’t mean you’ve missed out on new franchise merch. And since the frenzy over The Mandalorian has yet to die down, you can bet that The Child — otherwise known as Baby Yoda — is popping up just about everywhere.

Although this new Lucasfilm content is available only on Disney+, that hasn’t stopped the general public from going crazy over the adorable green muppet. But it turns out that Baby Yoda merch is even more exclusive, with pre-ordered products selling out before rampant fans can get their hands on them in a physical store.

Disney actually dropped the ball with Baby Yoda merchandise; when the character first premiered back in November 2019, nary an official product featuring The Child was anywhere to be found. When the brand finally did release some Baby Yoda products, the selection was slim.

That isn’t necessarily the case now, however. While the products themselves may be in high-demand, there are certainly more options for fans to collect. Funko Pops, the well-known cultural icon figurines, now include a few different versions of Baby Yoda available for pre-order (and at a discount) in advance of an August or September launch. While the figurines may be made of plastics (which are often created by the reaction injection molding process), they’re often treated to be as good as gold by collectors.

Disney hasn’t stopped there. On the ShopDisney website, they’ve collaborated with handbag brand Loungefly to create a new Baby Yoda backpack. There’s also a Baby Yoda version of the Monopoly game that will launch in September, Baby Yoda-themed Pyrex dishes, and even a Baby Yoda breakfast cereal from General Mills (completed with sweetened corn puffs and green marshmallows) that’s set to be released sometime this summer. So if you’re looking to get your Baby Yoda fix, you won’t be short on opportunities.

Of course, the Mandalorian hype hasn’t slowed down. Mandalorian 2 now has a release date of October 2020 — and Disney’s CEO has confirmed that the second installment of the series won’t experience any COVID-related delays. While the fall might seem a long way off, it’s clear that fans are willing to wait a while for their beloved Star Wars characters to make a triumphant return. And since most people are stuck at home for at least a little while longer, that’ll give others plenty of time to catch up and fall in love with Baby Yoda before these new releases hit the market.


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