Wizarding Beats with FeltBeats – A Tom Felton Fansite

tom felton

Resident Potterhead Jordan Elizabeth Gelber has discovered a hidden chamber. Head Slytherin boy Tom Felton sings! And there’s a fan page for that. 

Welcome to Feltbeats, a place where all the strumming of heartstrings and chords from Draco himself is documented. Yes, it is a fan page but what makes the two ladies that run it unique is that they actually have a direct relationship with Tom himself. Lori Benson-Buck and Rotae are the ladies that run the site and are beside themselves that Tom even knows they existed. These gals have even been invited to his Harry Potter film premieres and have interviewed him for the site. The site packs more than music To uploads to the web; there’s message boards for each of his projects, interview archives of him on set, a felt beat podcast, and even a gift shop. Naturally, Jordan had to sit down with these ladies to learn more about what inspired them to create the site, how they met Tom, and what they are up to in quarantine. 

Watch and enjoy!


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