AI Policy

At FanBolt, we leverage Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology to enhance our workflows and content, ensuring that our community of fans enjoys a continually improving, engaging, and personalized experience. This policy outlines our approach to using AI technologies responsibly and ethically.

Purpose of AI Usage

FanBolt employs AI to streamline site operations, enhance content accuracy, and provide our users with unique, tailored articles and features. AI helps us maintain the high standards our community expects from our content and services. All our content is still written and edited by humans.

Transparency and Disclosure

We use AI for creating outlines, idea generation, social content creation, and streamlining our workflow. And this AI usage is moderated by our editorial team. We do not use it to write our articles. Our motto has always been We Are By The Fans, For the Fans

Data Privacy and Security

  • No Data Collection Through AI: FanBolt does not use AI tools to collect personal data. Our AI implementations focus solely on content generation and operational efficiency.
  • Data Protection: Although we do not collect personal data through AI, maintaining the highest standards of data security remains a core commitment at FanBolt in all our operations.

Intellectual Property

FanBolt respects intellectual property rights and seeks to avoid any infringement in content generated by AI. We do this by using ethically sourced AI platforms such as Adobe’s Firefly.

Accountability and Governance

We conduct regular audits of our AI systems and practices to ensure their effectiveness and to confirm adherence to ethical standards and legal requirements.

Feedback and Improvements

  • User Feedback: We value feedback from our users concerning their interactions with AI features and use it to drive continuous improvements.
  • Policy Updates: This AI policy is subject to updates as our use of AI evolves and as regulatory environments change. Updates will be communicated clearly to our users.


FanBolt is committed to leveraging AI responsibly. If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to us here.

Last updated: May 24, 2024

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