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Law Abiding Citizen Review: Don’t Make Deals With Murderers

Law Abiding Citizen is a clever thriller for viewers that seek multiple twists, mind games, and vigilante justice. Clyde Shelton (Gerard Butler) is common family man whose wife and daughter are brutally murdered during a break in. Nick Rice (Jamie Foxx), an up and coming prosecuting attorney, is assigned to Clyde’s Case. When Nick has to make a deal with the defense, one man goes free while the other walks. Clyde is not happy with this outcome, and questions Nick’s decision to make deals with a murder.

Grey’s Won’t Go Grey-less

This Post-It note just in! Meredith Grey won’t go missing from Seattle Grace after all. Sources confirm that Ellen Pompeo is expected to return to

Cartel Set to Release Third Album

Pop-punk favorites Cartel are set to release their third album, Cycles, on October 20th. The band spent four solid months living together and recording the

An Education Review: Higher Learning

High school. During the experience it is boring, long, and pretty useless. You’d much rather be out living, getting into trouble, finding out what life is really about. Afterward, for most, it is a time of nostalgia, the value of which one doesn’t really grasp until years later. What is truly more important: learning through experience, falling flat and getting back up again, the oscillations of life, or an academic education? That is the question which Danish film maker Lone Scherfig asks with her new picture, “An Education.” The answer she puts forth is neither exciting nor revolutionary, and while the film’s star is a veritable shining light the overall picture is a bit dim.

District 9 Review: Another Prawn In Their Game

Gas and dust flows together ever tightening to condense into heat and extreme mass. A star is born. That’s how it felt watching Neill Blomkamp’s invigorating debut feature, “District 9.” A sci-fi actioneer that concentrates more on character and tone than it does on plot this film is a zenith of the genre – smart, fun, fast paced, and thought-provoking.

Paper Heart Review: A Different Kind of Film

Paper Heart is a refreshing indie love story. The film stars Charlyne Yi, Michael Cera, and Jake Johnson in a quest to help Charlyne document how and why people fall in love. In the beginning, Charlyne doesn’t believe she’ll ever find love, but during the progress of the movie – you can see that her opinions evolve.

Concert Review: Crue Fest 2

Motley Crue was one of the biggest rock bands of the mid and late 1980’s. Not ones to miss out on the nostalgic nature of music fans they are currently back on tour throughout the United States with Crue Fest 2. Crue Fest 2 headlines with Motley Crue and also brings along Godsmack, Theory of a Dead Man, Drowning Pool, Rev Theory, and Charm City Devils.

It Might Get Loud Review: The Power of Creation

For more than the last five decades the electric guitar has been a hallmark of individuality among youth. Most times their exuberance to create, to express their caged angst, pours through the cords and out the amps in blaring, explosive cacophonies. However once in a while that impulse is funneled through the hormones and comes out the other side talent, sometimes that drive manifests as true genius. Before it was improbable, but after watching Davis Guggenheim’s engaging and sonically amazing new documentary, “It Might Get Loud,” it is impossible to deny that the three subjects (Jimmy Page, The Edge, and Jack White) are just that – genius.

GI Joe: The Line Between Stupid and Genius is So Thin

Like every kid, back in the 80’s I had all of them. From Destro to Jinx, Cobra Commander to Sgt Slaughter. I had a hovercraft, a base, and many HISS Tanks, though never the Holy Grail of an aircraft carrier. With the amazing kung-fu grips and life like weapons I could have shocked and awed many a miniature plastic republics. Every afternoon I watched the cartoon sometimes with the figurines as welcome co-viewers. Plastic and cartoonish is how I remember that world, and now with Steven Sommers’ new film “G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra” my attitude hasn’t changed. This clunky two hours is painfully unsubtle, sophomoric, sanitized, and against all of my better judgments, pretty fun.

DVD Review: Dollhouse: Season 1

Dollhouse is the latest series by Joss Whedon. It stars Eliza Dushku as the alternating personality that goes by the name Echo. It centers around a privately run agency called the Dollhouse. The Dollhouse is an illegal organization that caters to the rich and the elite.

Funny People Review: Is Lonely the New Funny

Few films delve into the strange world of stand-up comedy. It is a tightly knit group of witty, damaged emotion machines that claw away at each other just for one more laugh like addicts needing a fix… but in a funny way. It is an art form that is often overlooked, and rarely examined. The examination is what makes Judd Apatow’s hilarious, but uneven “Funny People” worth the overlong running time, though its often serious tone might be a turn off for those expecting Apatow’s third film to be more like his first two.

Interview: Tony Hale from Ctrl

We had the pleasure of speaking with Tony Hale. We spoke with him about his role as Stuart on NBC’s Ctrl. Here’s what he had to say.