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Ken has been a gamer since 1986, and is a fan of all things retro. He is also the most successful digital sportsman in the world, barring everyone else.

About Ken Barnes

Ken has been a gamer since 1986, and is a fan of all things retro. He is also the most successful digital sportsman in the world, barring everyone else.

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Cities: Skylines Xbox One Edition Review: Moving on Up

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Think about the amount of times that some high-ranking government official has made an unpopular decision about how your city (or country) is run. Every time, the same thing happens. Around the watercooler and on social media, we’re all so certain that we could have done a better job and that we have all the […]

Kitty Powers’ Matchmaker Review: Missing a Beat

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Love is in the air. Cupid has plucked his bow and taken aim at the luckier of us and with St. Valentine’s Day driving its annual wedge between the loved-up individuals that get into the swing of the event and those that are sick of the sight of anything even vaguely heart-shaped, it seems perfectly […]

Yakuza 0 Review: A Strong Contender

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In the grand scheme of things, you can be forgiven if you’ve overlooked Sega’s Yakuza series. Generally shovelled onto Western shelves years after the original Japanese release without much of a fanfare and all but ignored by most outside of Japan, the franchise has always been brimming with ultimately unrealised potential. With Yakuza 0, the […]

Rise & Shine Review: Up and At ‘Em

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With the rise and rise of indie development over the last decade, side-scrolling shooters are ten a penny. The genre is one of the popular ones on which developers can cut their teeth and that’s given rise to a plethora of “me-too” titles that never really push things forward or even attempt to break out […]

The Little Acre Review: Half a Yard Short

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There’s no denying that the point and click adventure’s heyday is well and truly over. The golden years of the genre, featuring the likes of Sam & Max Hit the Road, Broken Sword, The Secret of Monkey Island, Police Quest et al is long forgotten, but there are still plenty of point and click fans […]

Yooka-Laylee Release Date Confirmed as Wii U Edition Cancelled

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Publisher Team17 and UK developer Playtonic Games have confirmed a stack of new information regarding their upcoming platformer Yooka-Laylee. Following on from a successful Kickstarter campaign where Playtonic raised almost £2,100,000 to bring the Rare-like platformer to life, the developer has confirmed that the game is nearing completion and will launch on PC, Xbox One, […]

Killing Floor 2 Review: Killing, Flawed

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When it comes to horde mode gameplay on console platforms, we’ve battled through the likes of Left 4 Dead and its sequel with our friends, taken on the Locusts in Gears of War, and blasted our way through Call of Duty’s various attempts. One title that has been something of an ever-present for PC players […]

Lara Croft GO Releases for PlayStation 4, Vita

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Square Enix have released their turn-based take on the Tomb Raider world – Lara Croft GO – for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita. First released back in August 2015 for mobile devices and PCs, despite receiving critical acclaim, the game seemed that it would join the long list of titles to be lost to the […]

NieR: Automata Release Date Confirmed, Special Edition Detailed

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At this past weekend’s PlayStation Experience event, Square Enix took the time to announce an official (and hopefully final) release date for their upcoming post-apocalyptic RPG NieR: Automata for PlayStation 4. The game, developed in collaboration with PlatinumGames, focuses on the story of androids 2B, 9S, and A2 as they battle machine lifeforms in an […]