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‘Wildlife’ Review: A Young Teen Must Deal with His Family Collapsing Around Him

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When the film first opens up, a teenager named Joe (Ed Oxenbound) is throwing a football around with his dad, Jerry (Jake Gyllenhaal) in the front yard. They head inside their house for dinner where Joe’s mom, Jeanette (Carey Mulligan) asks Joe about his day at school. The family around the dinner table discusses whether […]

‘Outlaw King’ Review: Spectacular Looking Film That Is Let Down By Its Script

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It’s 1304 in Scotland and Edward I, the King of England, has defeated the Scotish uprising and Sir William Wallace, who has gone into hiding. The last of the Scotish lords are being forced to renew their vows to support Edward I or suffer the consequences of being a traitor to the King. As the […]

‘Boy Erased’ Review: A Heartbreaking Look At Gay Conversion

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Jared (Lucas Hedges) is a popular boy who lives with a loving family (Nicole Kidman, Russel Crowe) and has a beautiful and doting girlfriend. Jared’s father works at a car dealership, but his first love is his church, where he is a Baptist minister, preaching family values. Jared has a secret, something that he is […]

‘The Great Buster: A Celebration’ Review: A Love Letter to One of the Great Directors/Actors of Our Time

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In ‘The Great Buster: A Celebration’ director Peter Bogdanovich brings us a joyous look at the magnificent Buster Keaton, the legendary silent film star who created some of greatest motion pictures of all time. Bogdanovich started his career, before becoming an award-winning director, as a film historian and his love of cinema and of Buster […]

‘White Tide: The Legend of Culebra’ Review: A Hard to Believe True Story of Comical Greed

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This review is from the 2018 Rome International Film Festival. The film opens with Andy, a pot dealer, who is wearing a cowboy hat and dark sunglasses (probably to hide that he is high) asking the question ‘If you knew where 2 million dollars was buried in the ground, would you dig it up?’ After […]

‘Holden On’ Review: The True Story of a Young Man Descending into Madness

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This review is from the 2018 Rome International Fim Festival. From the outside, it would appear that high school student Holden Layfield (Matthew Fahey) has a perfect life. He gets excellent grades, plays on the football team, goes to church regularly, and is one of the most popular kids at school. He belongs to a […]

Judge Reinhold Talks ‘Over Her Dead Body’, ‘Fast Times at Ridgemont High’ and More!

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Judge Reinhold has an impressive list of work, spanning almost 40 years and over 75 film and TV shows including Stripes, Fast Times at Ridgemont High, Ruthless People, and Disney’s Christmas franchise, The Santa Clause 1, 2 & 3. Beverly Hills Cop 1, 2, 3. In 1994, Reinhold was nominated for an Emmy for Outstanding […]

The 15th Annual Rome International Film Festival Runs November 1 – 4, 2018

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One of my favorite film festivals is this weekend, the Rome International Film Festival. RIFF is a four day festival for filmmakers and the community to watch films from Georgia and around the world, attend workshops to learn from professionals in the industry, and attend parties for networking and fellowship. RIFF began as the Dahlonega […]

‘Apostle’ Review: A Gritty Descend Into Hell

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We open with a train going across a long bridge as we hear a woman reciting a letter to her father. As she tells her father that she has been taken for ransom, we go inside the train and see Thomas (Dan Stevens) reading the letter while holding a large locket that is open, displaying […]

‘Studio 54’ Review: Rise And Fall Of The World’s Most Famous Disco

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‘Studio 54’ is a documentary by Matt Tyrnauer about the New York dance club sensation Studio 54, that led the disco craze in the mid-70s. The film is told in three acts; the creation of Studio 54, its unbelievable success, and the downfall of its two creators, Steve Rubell, and Ian Schrager. Steve Rubell and […]

‘The Guilty’ Review: Plenty of Twists and Turns

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As the film opens up, we hear a phone ringing. We see a man put on a headphone set to answer the phone. We learn that he is working in the Emergency Services phone bank. A man on the other end of the phone call pleads for help but won’t give out his location. The […]

‘The Kindergarten Teacher’ Review: Maggie Gyllenhaal Gives an Impeccable Performance

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We open up on Lisa (Maggie Gyllenhaal) entering into a classroom. Lisa puts the shades in the windows up and turns on a fan in her kindergarten classroom. She sits at one of the small tables and takes a moment for herself. We next see Lisa looking at an aquarium while waiting on a ferry. […]