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Space Run Review – Available on Steam

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“What do you mean we’re getting shot up? Didn’t you deploy that nice shiny new gun we just built?” “Of course Captain, but the gun we just deployed is on the wrong side of the ship.” My mechanical companion droned in typical deadpan fashion. Just once I would like to hear some panic out of […]

Van Helsing II Preview: A Familiar Setting

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I recently had the opportunity to go through one level of Van Helsing II, playing with one of five different classes that all start at level 31. Classes include: The Blade, a close up fighter who excels at melee; The Gunslinger, who is your go-to ranged fighter; The Spellkeeper, a very fragile spell-slinger who uses […]

Titanfall Tactics: Having Fun with Satchel Charges

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I’ve been hacking the Spectres around me, they do the killing while I stick to the wall twelve feet up near the ceiling. I could be on the ground joining in the mayhem, but this is fun too. The Hardpoint that is under me is mine, you can have it over my cold dead body! I […]

Titanfall Cheating: Respawn Takes on Cheaters with FairFight

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In an announcement made on the official Titanfall website, it was said that “Titanfall uses GameBlocks, FairFight to detect cheaters on PC. Since the launch of Titanfall, we’ve been collecting data on people who are cheating on PC but not immediately enforcing bans. As of Friday, March 21st, that has changed and we have started […]

Titanfall Review: Delivers Fast-Paced Action and Gorgeous Graphics

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The cockpit smells of burning plastic and circuit boards. The smoke is almost unbearable, almost. I put up a fight lobbing 40mm shells at the Strider who has all but dismantled my poor Atlas with its Plasma Gun. “Come on baby, just hang with me a few more seconds.” I chant it like a mantra […]

Thief Review: A Beautiful Game That Doesn’t Quite Steal the Show

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Thief Review Steam Version The ash falls like black snow, building at the base of the buildings, quieting my steps. I can’t see them yet, but I can hear the guards talking, discussing their families. The sickness is spreading, The Gloom, it’s everywhere now. I creep around the boxes I’m behind and take a peek, […]

Prepare for Titanfall

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Prepare for Titanfall! Hold on to your hats and glasses folks, this here is the wildest ride in the west. It’s what goes through my mind as I wall run down the alley two stories up. My lock-on pistol tells me an opponent is below me, so I tap the trigger. Score one for the […]