Comet Cosplay

Comet Cosplay

Theme of the Month: TBA (Though Cosplay is NOT required)

RSVP Here to Attend:  Next Comet Cosplay Date Coming Soon!


  • $10 gets you 3 games of bowling and shoe rental
  • OR $25 gets you 3 games of bowling for our June, July, and August events + shoe rental at each event as well (Available at the beginning of the season)

Cosplay Contest Details:
If you wish to enter the cosplay contest you will have to have a costume inspired by our theme of the month – however abstract you want to make it! Don’t have time to create a costume? No worries, you can also come in your regular geek gear (a nerdy t-shirt is totally fine) or even your favorite cosplay of your choosing (you just can’t enter the contest without it being a part of our theme of the month!)

To enter the contest at the event, just let us know you want to compete – and we’ll take a few photos of you – which will be added to our cosplay gallery on Facebook following the event and open for voting for one week! Pricing will be awarded at the following month’s Comet Cosplay!

Join the League with a Team of Your Friends! Or Join an Existing Team!

A cosplay project of love between Nerdlanta and FanBolt, Comet Cosplay was born in 2017 in partnership with The Comet Pub and Lanes in Decatur, Georgia. 2017 belongs to the geek!

Each month join us at The Comet, we’ll have a new theme each month – and the team with the best cosplay wins! (And the team with the best bowling score wins bragging rights too!).

Comet Cosplay will be the first Monday night every month at The Comet!


Additional Notes:

  • The Comet Cosplay Logo is designed by FanBolt


Q: Can anyone participate?
A: Anyone over the age of 21 with a valid ID… Be prepared to show it! …your ID, that is.

COSPLAY IS NOT REQUIRED. It doesn’t have to be elaborate – but come dress as a character from something if you can (though it’s not required) – and if you can tie into our monthly theme – all the better!

Let’s be smart about costume choices. If you are going to wear something like a cape that you could possibly trip over while playing, then maybe remove that before bowling. Do not wear anything that could be hazardous to you or others while bowling. (Example: items on your costume that might fall onto the ground.)

Q: How do I join Comet Cosplay?
A: If you just want to come and observe – head over to FanBolt’s Facebook page to RSVP.

Q: What do the winners win?
A: SWAG! And our admiration. That’s #Priceless.

Q: Can I have someone take pictures of my costume?
A: Of course! But be sure to ask for permission when photographing other cosplayers.

Q: Can I bring friends if they aren’t bowling?
A: Bring as many friends with you as you want! But please note they’ll have to join a team (and pay dues) in order to partake and bowl.

The Rules

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