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Is There A Doctor In The House - Episode Information (Everwood episode 10)

Production Number: 175509

Air Date: 2002-11-18

Delia (Vivien Cardone) and her grandmother (guest star Doris Belack) throw a festive birthday party for a grumpy Edna (Debra Mooney) who hates this particular day of the year, but everyone winds up snowed in for the night when a big storm hits town. In the midst of it all, Bright (Chris Pratt) collapses from a burst appendix and Drs. Brown (Treat Williams) and Abbott (Tom Amandes) have to improvise an operating room before the infection spreads; while Andy and Ephram (Gregory Smith) let months of tension and hurt feelings explode in front of everyone with a threat of Ephram moving back to New York with his grandparents.

Cast Information

Treat Williams ("The Late Shift," "Hair"), Gregory Smith (The Patriot), Vivien Cardone ("A Beautiful Mind"), Tom Amandes ("Brokedown Palace"), Debra Mooney ("Domestic Disturbance"), Chris Pratt, Emily Vancamp ("Glory Days") and John Beasley ("Brewster Place").

Guest Stars:
Doris Belack (as Nonny Hoffman) Mark Rydell (as Jacob Hoffman) Stephanie Niznik (as Nina Feeny) Lee Garlington (as Brenda Baxworth) Merrilyn Gann (as Rose Abbott)

Episode Music

"Catch Me" by Jamie Walters, Believed

Song Lyrics


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