Project Cosplay

Project Cosplay

Theme of the Month: (November 15, 2018)

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Birthed in the ballrooms of OutlantaCon in 2010, Project Cosplay became an instant hit and soon made its way to numerous other conventions, as it continues to morph and grow, Project Cosplay is proud to join with FanBolt and Joystick Gamebar for the next evolution of interactive fun. We are proud to think that 2017 belongs to the geek!

Each month join your host Candace Weslosky Miller from Lips Down On Dixie, inc., Atlanta’s Rocky Horror Picture Show as she leads teams of designers, models, judges, and the audience through a comedic Project Runway spoof live design challenge.


Additional Notes:

  • The Project Cosplay Logo is designed by FanBolt


Q: Can anyone participate?
A: Anyone over the age of 21 with a valid ID….Be prepared to show it! …your ID, that is.

Q: How do I enter the Project Cosplay?
A: You can sign up to be a designer for the event at If you just want to come and observe – head over to FanBolt’s Facebook page to RSVP.

Q: How is the contest judged?
A: This contest is actually judged by audience applause. If it seems close we will ask people to stand and cheer. The audience loves people who are having a good time and providing entertainment. The more outrageous or amazing the costume the more you have a chance of winning!

Q: What do the winners win?
A: The respect of weirdo’s everywhere, Joystick House Cash, A chance at the “Golden Joystick” that you can use to taunt the losing teams. (Kidding. It’s the swag that you use for taunting), and random things the organizers may find at a thrift store.

Q: How do I get up and off stage?
A: We have no stage so likely designers will be on floor level. It is typically the model that will be on an elevated chair and is asked to “walk the runway”.

Q: Can I have someone take pictures of my costume?
A: YES! In fact if you’re not ok with having a million pictures taken, you should probably not do this… or anything at Joysticks… or any event with Candace for that matter.

Q: Can I have friends backstage with me?
A: No – we are your friends now. Like it.

Q: What happens to contestants who break the rules?
A: Emcee Candace will call your mother, probably in front of the live audience.

The Rules

  • There is a limit of designers due to space limitations. Pre-selected models will be assigned to teams at the time of the event.
  • Individual presentations are limited to the materials provided by the event, you may NOT bring your own fabrics or use your own clothing, or clothing from your friends in the audience… yes it gets that cut throat!
  • The contestants may use NO microphones. The Host will occasionally ask questions regarding your design and will ask you to speak into their mics at that time.
  • All contestants must be over age 21. Please bring a valid state issued ID.
  • This is a live contest, and the winner will be decided by the audience applause. The 2 hosts and “judging panel” are primarily there only to provide comic relief and to “read” your work. They have no votes in the final decision of the winner.

Project Cosplay Entry Form

Be sure you have reviewed the rules and FAQ first before entering! All entries will be reviewed by FanBolt and Joystick, and contestants will be notified via email if they are selected to compete in the upcoming event. Good luck!


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