Emma Loggins
Editor In Chief
Emma Loggins is the Founder and Editor in Chief of FanBolt. As a self-proclaimed “Geek Girl,” Emma has been writing about the entertainment industry, geek culture, and pop culture for more than 20 years, with her work appearing on FanBolt, CNN, Autotrader, and a number of other publications. She’s also done on-camera host and media personality work for numerous fan and comic conventions as well.

Emma covers latest entertainment news, her opinions on current happenings in the media, movie reviews, screening/filming opportunities, inside scoops, and more.

As a big film nerd, Emma is also an active member of multiple film critics associations, including the Critics Choice AssociationSoutheastern Film Critics AssociationAtlanta Film Critics Circle, and Georgia Film Critics Association.

Last, but certainly not least, Emma is also the Founder and Editor in Chief of Women’s Business Daily and the Founder and Director of Strategy of Excite Creative Studios.
Jennifer Steele
Contributing Writer
Jenn is a contributing writer for FanBolt.com. Having been raised Geek Orthodox, Jenn has a love of most things sci-fi. Thanks to Georgia Tech, she also has an honest appreciation for the “sci” as well as the “fi”. Her current favorite shows include, but are not limited to: Doctor Who, Being Human, Sleepy Hollow, and various Joss Whedon offerings.
Doug Sprinkle
Contributing Writer & Photographer
Doug Sprinkle is a contributing writer and photographer for FanBolt, working with the site since 2016. Based in Atlanta, Georgia, Doug is a creative with a focus on strategy.
Sarah Henry
Contributing Writer
Sarah Margaret is an artist who expresses her love for feminism, equality, and justice through a variety of mediums: photography, filmmaking, poetry, illustration, song, acting, and of course, writing. She owns Still Poetry Photography, a company that showcases her passion for capturing poetic moments in time. Instead of poetry in motion, she captures visual poetry in fractions of a second, making cherished keepsakes of unforgettable moments. She is the artist behind the Still Poetry Etsy shop, which houses her illustrations and bespoke, handmade items. She is the author of intricacies are just cracks in the wall, a narrative poetry anthology that follows a young woman discovering herself as she emerges from an abusive relationship.
Paloma Bennett
Contributing Writer
Paloma Bennett is an emerging film and television reviewer based out of Los Angeles. She has written reviews for Whedonopolis, Fandomopolis, Women at Warp, and her own blog Decoding the Daemoverse. In the past, Paloma ran MAE, a feminist film and television review blog. She produced and co-hosted a monthly film podcast called Jump Start Cinema sponsored by New Filmmakers Los Angeles. She has a B.A. in Film and Digital Media from UC Santa Cruz and a Masters in Cinema Critical Studies from San Francisco State University. Paloma loves everything pop culture, including TV shows, movies, comic books, and podcasts. The first major fandom she was geeky about was Buffy the Vampire Slayer.
Coby Greif
Contributing Writer
Coby Greif is a contributing writer for FanBolt and previously has written for CBR and Screen Rant. He is a longtime fan of all things movies, TV, anime, superheroes, and more. Some of his favorite franchises include; The Fast Saga, MCU, Mission Impossible, and How To Train Your Dragon. While he’s not an official member of the Justice League or Team Urameshi, he’ll gladly fight to save the world from the likes of Demons and Darkseid.
Contributing Writer
Bevin the Blogger here. Welcome to my Gen-Y brain. I’m a nostalgic nerd proudly flying her flag frequently. Expect plenty of references to our own Web series ‘ADULTish’, which is streaming now on Footprint, and Batman (we’ve got to shout out to Batman).
Dennis Aronov
Contributing Writer
Dennis is currently a senior at NYU, he is majoring in Psychology and Journalism with a focus in clinical psychology and digital/broadcast journalism. He spends most of his time bingeing the latest tv shows but if he’s not doing that then he’s writing about the latest in entertainment news.
Carrie Burns
Resident Georgia Film Expert
Carrie is the owner of Atlanta Movie Tours and loves everything geeky about #GeorgiaFilm. She’s mastered the art of the inside scoop and is involved in the film and tourism industries across Metro Atlanta and Georgia. She is an entrepreneur, dog lover, scuba diver and wanna-be beach bum, who’s favorite movie is The Lost Boys and favorite shows include Murder, She Wrote and the Georgia-filmed The Walking Dead and Stranger Things.
TwitterInstagramAtlanta Movie Tours
Dan Carroll
Contributing Writer
Dan Carroll is a life-long nerd and promoter of the nerd community in the Southeast. He’s single ladies, but not a single lady. He love classic horror, silver age comics, most shows on TV, and has a reputation for having the worst taste in music.

Tyler Sobie DOES NOT work for FanBolt. If he reached out to you saying he does – please contact our editor.

Last updated: May 24, 2024

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