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Do you love film, television, gaming, comics, tech and all things geeky? If so, we’d love to have you!

FanBolt provides fans a home to write, explore, rant, speculate, and geek out over their interests with thousands of other fans who are waiting to engage! Become a Fan Writer and create unique content that is inspired by the entertainment that you love!
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What We Are Looking For
  • First and foremost, FanBolt is “By the Fans. For the Fans.” – so you need to be a fan
  • A passionate and strong writer with an editorial style
  • A commitment to writing a minimum of 2 articles per month to be feature on FanBolt
What's In It For You

FanBolt’s Fan Team is 100% volunteered and unpaid, but that being said – we’re going to hook you up with some cool stuff:

  • Lots of awesome swag
  • Attend conventions, concerts, parties, and other events
  • Beef up your resume
  • Build relationships with the entertainment industry
  • Receive honest and helpful feedback on your writing to help develop your skills
  • And lots more!

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