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Pilot - Episode Information

Production Number: 101

Air Date: 2003-08-05

'The O.C.' opens with bad-boy Ryan Atwood, finding himself in trouble- in trouble with the law, and in trouble at home. Against all odds, pro-bono public defender, Sandy Cohen, takes Ryan under his wing, and back to his home in Newport Beach, Orange County, California. Ryan finds himself immersed in this high-class society but soon realizes nothing is as it seems.


Ryan is in trouble after a police chase and his brother Trey goes to jail for 3 to 5 years.

Sandy is assigned Ryan attorney and gets his charges reduced. When Ryan returns home his mother in a drunken state kicks him out on the streets.

Sandy's business card in his hand and in one phone call Ryan ends up in one of the most exclusive coastal communities in Californina. Pool house digs and a whole nother life awaits him if he can keep it together.

Kristen who appears cold and less than warm about the idea of Ryan being in her home with expensive items at hand for him to steal agrees to a trial stay.

His son Seth being a only child will have to adjust and make a friend or go on living in the house a secret life his parents know nothing about.

Ryan learns to play the game and in the meantime Seth and Ryan may have just found a friend for life. Until the neighbor girl Marrisa complicates things left and right.

Summer who is Marrisa rich and spoiled friend is also a detour Ryan doesnt want to take but once Summer wants something all the money in the world has always solved her problems and I dont believe she has ever heard the word NO.

Luke is the all american guy everyone wants to be his friend and no one ever wants to be his enemy. He has the good looks and a attitude for trouble. Ryan and Luke will never be friends.

Throw in a Fashion Show with thin rich girls , Druken kids looking for a fight it seems for any reason , a few girls throwing themselves at boys and you got yourself a hot new show on FOX. But that is just the kids...the parents are a whole nother story you gotta see.

Cast Information

Benjamin McKenzie, Peter Gallagher, Kelly Rowan, Adam Brody, Mischa Barton, and Tate Donovan

Guest Stars:
Camille Mana (as a Fashion P.A.), Ashley Hartman (as Holly), and Shailene Woodley (as Kaitlin Cooper)

Episode Music

"California" by Phantom Planet Buy Now...

"Sweet" by Slightly Stoopid Buy Now...

"All Around The World" by Cooler Kids Buy Now...

"Swing Swing" by The All-American Rejects Buy Now...

"Hands Up" by Black Eyed Peas Buy Now...

"I'm A Player" by The K.G.B Buy Now...

"Into the Dust" by Mazzy Star Buy Now...

"Honey and the Moon" by Joseph Arthur Buy Now...

"Let It Roll" by Maximum Roach

"Show Me" by Cham Pain

The O.C. on AOL Song "Diamonds on the Inside" by Ben Harper Buy Now...


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Review by Gaius Bolling

Who would’ve thought back in August of 2003 that a little show called The O.C. would become such a pop-cultural phenomenon. What was described as a Beverly Hills 90210 wannabe has turned into a show with its own voice and style. The stars of the show have become achieved breakout status and the show is at an all time high as it enters its second season. This show has redefined the formula for making a teen show work by putting a new spin on the genre.

So where did we begin? In August of 2003 Fox premiered the Pilot episode of The O.C. amongst a strong marketing campaign and high expectations. I for one wasn’t looking forward to the show when it started, mainly because I thought it would be like every other teen show out there. Boy was I wrong. The Pilot of The O.C. was a nice introduction to this show and it would only build from this very strong episode.

Doesn’t it only seem like yesterday when Ryan Atwood was crashing a car with his big brother and being assigned a public defender by the name of Sandy Cohen? Doesn’t it feel like it was only weeks ago that Ryan was brought in by Sandy into his families home, much to the distress of his wife Kirsten. Boy, it really feels like it was only yesterday when Ryan got all James Dean on Marissa outside of the Cohen household, with talks of bumming a cigarette being their first conversation. It doesn’t really seem that long ago that we learned of Seth’s infatuation with Summer, a girl he never really has talked to, or that long ago when we first heard Summer utter the phrase “Chino…ewww”. It wasn’t that long ago that Jimmy was in trouble with the law and Luke was the resident bully of The O.C. If it feels like it was only yesterday since Julie Cooper was a bitch, it might be because it was actually last night while you watched the Season 2 premiere (she hasn’t changed much since this first episode).

These would be the trials and tribulations of these characters that we would come to love. This formula could’ve easily been cheesy and melodramatic but creator Josh Schwartz adds something new to the mix. Setting the show in the posh location of Newport certainly puts a new spin on the teen show. The characters he has created also don’t come off as one-dimensional. Even in this episode you could tell that Seth (Adam Brody) would become the breakout character because it’s a wonderfully written character and Adam Brody also brings so much to the table as this character. Benjamin Mackenzie showed he just wasn’t getting by on his looks by giving a fairly complex performance in the pilot, however he would improve even more as the show went on. Mischa Barton is fine as the girl next door, Chris Carmack definitely captured the water polo jerk façade very well (who can forget him uttering the lines “Welcome to the O.C. bitch”), and Rachel Bilson, although not as prominent as she is now as Summer, definitely showed that she would also break-out to become more than a supporting performer.

The show also paid equal attention to the adult characters. Kelly Rowan and Peter Gallagher showed great chemistry early on as Kirsten and Sandy. They really make that home feel like a place you’ve been before. It really doesn’t feel like they’re acting to me, and this is even evident in the pilot. Melinda Clarke and Tate Donovan were also good as the total opposites of Kirsten and Sandy. Melinda Clarke even showed early on that she would become a force to be reckoned with. You could tell that, even in the pilot, that the adults would be just as interesting as the teenagers.

It was also nice to see everything not being wrapped up in the first episode. Ryan finding a home would be stretched out for a couple of more episodes and Kirsten didn’t give in immediately to him staying there for good. It was nice to see everything not wrapped up so quickly. Made things a bit more realistic.

This was a good start to an addicting series. It did its job as a pilot, it got viewers hooked and 28 episodes later and counting, we’re still drawn in by these intriguing characters and their stories.

Grade: A

Favorite Moment: My favorite moment in this episode was Ryan protecting Seth on the beach from the water polo players. I thought it was nice that they showed this person, who barely knew Seth, still jumping in to help him out. It was a nice moment.

Best Performance: Adam Brody probably gave the best performance in this episode. You could tell early on that he would still this show from everyone and it’s a trend that hasn’t stopped. He really captured teen awkwardness well in this very comedic performance.

Best Line: “Chino…Eww” (Said by Summer, played by Rachel Bilson, after she learned Ryan was from Chino). It’s just a classic line. It’s very simple but the delivery is just perfect. It’s the “what you talking about Willis” of this show. Very catchy.

Worst Moment: I didn’t really have any worst moments from this episode. Everything was just fine.



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