Ben Affleck Speaks Out On ‘Batman’ Backlash: I Handle Sh*t

Ben Affleck has finally spoken out about the public backlash to him being cast as the new Batman. Last night on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon, Fallon brought up that Affleck’s kids must be psyched that their dad is going to be playing a superhero.

“Every kid should see their dad as a superhero.” Affleck replied before going into how he came to be attached to the project.

“They called me up and asked, ‘Do you want to do this?'” Affleck recalled, “They said come down we want to show you what we’re doing, and it was incredible.”

“This is a brilliant way to do this, and I really know how to hook into this. I said okay, I want to do it.” Affleck commented on his take on being offered the role.

“They said don’t use the internet for a couple days.” Affleck recalled the studios’ advice. “And I said this is not… I handle sh*t.”

Check out the full video from Late Night With Jimmy Fallon below.

What do you think about Ben Affleck as Batman? When we asked on our Facebook page, there wasn’t anyone who seemed hopeful – but we’re going to wait to see the clips and the film before we make a call!


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