The Fourth Kind Review: Fact Or Fiction?

The Fourth Kind

The Fourth Kind tells a frightening tale that on the surface appears to be real. In 2004, filmmaker Olatunde Osunsanmi was wrapping another project in North Carolina when he heard the story of Dr. Abigail Tyler. Abby, as most refered to her, had relocated from Nome, Alaska after a series of events took place that changed her forever. Osunsanmi’s fasination with Abby grew after discovering that all of her claims were, in fact, heavily documented.

The story begins after the death of Abby’s (played by Milla Jovovich) husband Will Tyler. Before his death, Will was doing an ongoing study on residents of Nome that seemed to be having disturbing sleeping patterns and a troubling lack of memory of events they were certain occured. After his death, Abby felt that she should continue Will’s work as it would have been what he wanted.

Abby uses hypnosis on a number of patients to help them remember the horrific events that were subjected too. The stories of multiple patients all seem to collaborate on the fact that a white owl was watching them… only it’s not a white owl at all. Behaviors and fears seem to esculate and Abby is left with the impression that these encounters her patients are having are non-human.

The more research that Abby conducted and the more invested she became, she realized that these memories her patients were having weren’t horrific dreams but something far more terrifying – encounters of the fourth kind – alien abduction.

The film doesn’t lie when Milla Jovovich tells you some of the footage you’re about to see is disturbing. Distrubing is putting it mildly. The illusion of the footage accompanying the dramatization of the film being real – is alarming. Fellow movie-goers were jumping, screaming, and saying “OH MY GOD” every other scene once the film got going, and they weren’t alone as I was sitting there paralyzed in my own fear. After the film ended, I sat there wondering what I had just witnessed. How much of this was real, and how much of it was just an incredibly effective horror film?

How real this movie is or isn’t is hard to confirm. After I dug around online looking for evidence or articles confirming the legitimcy of what I saw – I only found a number of sources all agreeing that there are traces of evidence and numerous sites debating whether or not Dr. Abigail Tyler is actually a real person. With that being said, if this movie is real – I imagine that there would be a desire to debunk the claims it puts forth. So with that being said, what you believe is entirely up to you. But as a movie, this is one of the most haunting films I’ve ever seen.

Review By: Emma Loggins


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