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DVD Review: Meet Bill

DVD Review: Meet Bill


Meet Bill (Aaron Eckhart) – a doormat if ever there was one. A man reduced to a mere accessory to his family by working a dead end job at his father-in law s bank and arguing about his overindulgent love for chocolate with his wife Jess (Elizabeth Banks) who is loathe to explain her “friendship” with the local news anchorman (Timothy Olyphant). But Bill’s fate begins to change when he becomes mentor to a self-assured boy (Logan Lerman) who engineers Bill s recovery with the help of a cute lingerie sales girl named Lucy (Jessica Alba). Together the trio confronts Bill s hapless life with humor and energy while forcing him to capture his dream of being financially independent and self-confident. MEET BILL is a film about what it means to let go of your inhibitions and find the path you re destined for.

As a huge fan of Aaron Eckhart, I was looking forward to seeing this one. Meet Bill is a typical Eckhart film, which is by no means a bad thing. One could easily compare this movie to No Reservations, but with a dash of wildness and a sprinkle of spice added in for good measure.

The movie revolves around Bill (Eckhart), who to outsiders would appear to have the perfect life. As the film progresses, you release that it’s far from perfect. Not only does Bill hate every aspect of his life, he has also effectively forgotten how to have fun. His wife (Elizabeth Banks) is having an affair with the local news anchor (Timothy Olyphant), he’s stuck in a job position that was created especially for him by his father-in-law, and on top of everything, he has to mentor a self-assured teen (Logan Lerman), from a local prep school. It’s that last one though that ultimately turns Bill’s life around. Jessica Alba also stars as Lucy, a lingerie saleswoman, who joins in the plan derived by The Kid (as Bill calls Logan Lerman’s character) to liven up Bill’s life.

The film follows the hilarious events that surround Bill’s journey to find himself again. Ultimately it becomes a story that speaks about releasing inhibition and finding one’s purpose. Although the film is a little over the top at times, you’ll appreciate it for what it is: an entertaining movie.

Review by Emma Loggins

Grade: B+
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