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DVD Review: First Knight

DVD Review: First Knight


Together Sean Connery Richard Gere Julia Ormond and Jerry Zucker the director of Ghost bring you a new vision of King Arthurs Camelot. A vision of breathtaking battles of heart-pounding courage of the undeniable love that brought an entire kingdom to its knees…and of the undying passion that made it live forever.System Requirements:Starring: Sean Connery Richard Gere and Julia Ormond Director: Jerry Zucker Copyright: 1995 Columbia Produced by Jerry Zucker Hunt Lowry; written by Lorne Cameron David Hoselton DVD released on 10/07/1997.

Don’t we all love the recycling of story lines in Hollywood? This is the 1995 version of the Arthurian Legend with Sean Connery, Richard Gere, Julia Ormond and Ben Cross. The man who brought you Ghost, Jerry Zucker, directed the whole thing. If you’re looking for a classic, all you’ll see is an entertaining Sean Connery movie.

They take away all magic, but they add Prince Malagant, played by Ben Cross. This is taking the story from Chretien de Troyes, which had none of the magic of Mallory’s story that most know.

This was a summer blockbuster. The main reason for that would have been that Sean Connery and Richard Gere sell movies. This was carried on their backs, no other reason. It is a well written movie, but still carried by those two actors.

Another interesting change is Richard Gere’s Lancelot. He isn’t the clean cut boy you wanted to bring home to mother in this movie. No, he’s a loner that loves the freedom of wandering and not being tied down. Guinevere, played by Julia Ormond, is the conflicted character. Her people are under attack from Malagant and she is laughing and smiling, while playing some form of soccer. She is engaged to King Arthur, played by Sean Connery, but has to keep getting rescued by Lancelot.

The music is done very well. Jerry Goldsmith is a Hollywood veteran and has won many awards. His score to the movie is enjoyable and well timed. The cinematography is well done as well, with the landscapes being caught beautifully. The differences in Arthur’s land and Malagant’s are captured correctly.

Jerry Zucker, who directed Ghost, directed this movie. He was more known for comedies. This may have been the reason that this movie came about as it did. It was probably too much for him to be able to do. This movie has a lot of elements that are weak and could have been better.

So, this movie has some good fight scenes, an interesting adventure and you have an entertaining time. I do recommend the movie for the light of heart and those wanting an action romance.

Review by Paul Shannon

Grade: C+
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