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DVD Review: Mama’s Boy

DVD Review: Mama’s Boy


Jon Heder Diane Keaton and Anna Faris star in this comedy about a 29-year-old man (Heder) who still lives with his mother. He has no desire to leave until his mother’s new boyfriend (Jeff Daniels) moves into their precious little world and forces him to grow up quick.

Cast: Jon Heder, Jeff Daniels, Diane Keaton, and Anna Faris

Jeffrey Mannus (Heder) is a likable guy. There’s only one hang up about this young man. The apron strings are still firmly attached to his mother (Keaton). Everything is perfect in his life according to him. Just don’t ask him to stray away from mother dearest. Enter mom’s new love interest, Mert Rosenbloom (Daniels). On the outside, he’s a likable guy who is just trying to fall in love. Unfortunately, the one thing that stands in his way is the worst of its kind. It’s the Mama’s boy that he has to out think, out wit, and out smart to land his lady.

Jon Heder plays his type cast role as the spin off of Napoleon Dynamite character that he has played in almost all of his films thus far. There was a line up of practical jokes and battle of the wits between Daniels and Heder, all to gain top billing in Mrs. Mannus’ eyes. This movie would have been more entertaining if “Mr. Woodcock” hadn’t just been released in the prior six months. It is a borderline complete knockoff of that better movie with Billy Bob Thorton and Sean William Scott. I sincerely think that is a much better attempt at this type of genre. Not a complete waste of time, but not grade A material either.

Review by Charlie Giltenboth

Grade: C-
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