DVD Review: America Pie: Beta House

In American Pie Presents: Beta House, the gang’s all-new hijinks take them from the town of Great Falls to a university in Michigan. At the college, the party scene is in full swing, especially along fraternity row, where the competition for social supremacy is ferocious. Our heroes Erik and Cooze pledge the infamous Beta Delta Xi House, and hilarity ensues as everyone gets swept up in the craziness, pranks, partying, and, of course, unpredictable sexual situations. Pitted against a rival House and their power-hungry leader, the rivalry gets so intense that only the long-banned competition, The Games, can settle the question of which House prevails. It’s up to the Betas to pull together and prove that some traditions deserve to be upheld!

American Pie: Beta House is exactly what you expect it to be. Crude humor, nudity, and more crude humor. While there is a hint of an actual storyline which is visible at points, it all seems to be about the girls and the toilet humor. Most people will find characters that they can relate to, but at the end of it all, it just feels like you’ve waited 90 minutes that you’ll never have back. No matter the charm of the girl next door or the boy that you hope can manage to control himself around her, everything is just over the top.

Guilty pleasure, it is not. While the previous American Pie movies have been pretty successful, this is a movie that’s attempting to ride the coattails of its predecessors. It falls off somewhere in the mist of the first awkward sexual situation. If the movie isn’t full of enough pointless humor and uncalled for scenes for nudity, then the special features surely top it off with deleted scenes and even a boobie “Yule log”. Yes, you read it right. Summed up, this movie is a college boy’s fantasy, and one that will make the girls roll their eyes.

Review by Emma Loggins

Grade: F
Official site: http://www.ugo.com/americanpie
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