DVD Review: Sydney White

America’s sweetheart Amanda Bynes brings her trademark style of comedy to the funny and charming underdog tale, Sydney White. When tomboy Sydney (Bynes) is banished from the most popular sorority on campus, she is taken in by seven socially challenged but endearing guys. With the help of her new friends, Sydney stands up for outcasts everywhere and takes on the reigning campus queen in a popularity showdown and battle for campus dominance. But can she succeed and also win the heart of gorgeous frat guy Tyler Prince? You’ll love this hilarious and sweet age-old story with a charming modern-day twist.

It’s hard to not find yourself saying “awe” after watching this one. Universal’s Sydney White puts a modern spin on the classic Snow White, depicting a college scene that I’m sure everyone wishes they could experience.

Amanda Bynes brings her lovable and trademark comedic timing to table yet again in the role of Sydney White, the girl who is banished from the popular sorority on campus and finds herself living in a house with seven socially challenged yet endearing nerds. You’ll love trying to pin down who is Sleepy, Dopey, Happy, and the rest of the gang. Sydney helps the guys to come out of their shells and embrace their uniqueness despite the overshadowing villain, Rachel Witchburn, who is determined to remain the “fairest of them all”. Fans of the late great series “Jack and Bobby” will be delighted to see Matt Long again. Matt plays Tyler Prince, who as I’m sure you can guess, plays the love interest.

Bottom line, this movie is an adorable take on an age-old story. I loved it.

Review by Emma Loggins

Grade: B+
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