What Is My Rising Sign? Calculate Your Sun, Moon, and Rising Signs

Rising Sign

Calling all astrology geeks! If you have a passion for astrology, zodiacs, and horoscopes, then you’ve landed in the perfect spot. Let’s start by delving into the basics. While most of us are familiar with our sun sign, we may find ourselves wondering, “What exactly is my rising sign?”

You might also be curious about the significance of your rising sign and how it influences your personality, career, loves, and your life overall.

You may also have additional questions like “What does my rising sign mean, and what impact does it have?” or “How do I figure out my rising sign?”.

Using your birth time and location to calculate your birth chart will unveil a lot of these answers. (Looking for a personalized birth chart calculator?)

Sun Moon Rising Signs

What Is My Rising Sign?

Your rising sign represents how others perceive you. It’s often seen as the mask you present to the world. The rising or ascendant sign is on the cusp of the first house, which also represents fresh starts and new beginnings.

Your ascendant sign is determined by the degree the sun rose on the eastern horizon when you were born. This is why the rising sign is often seen as the front door, or entryway to the rest of the zodiac.

In the same way that the sun rising on the eastern horizon represents the dawn of a new way, your ascendant sign represents your own personal awakening and the start of a new journey.

A zodiac sign being in the ascendant position is going to express itself differently than a zodiac sign being in the sun or moon.

The planets and houses that they’re in have a profound impact on each sign. So each sign will manifest in different ways depending on where they fall.

Your natal chart is composed of 10 planets, 12 signs, and 12 houses that all work in tandem to shape who you are.

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The Elements

If your rising sign is a fire sign (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius), then you’re independent and prioritize your personal freedom. You may also be assertive, action-oriented, and a strong leader. Fire signs are energetic, passionate, and approach life with enthusiasm and vigor.

If your ascendant sign is a water sign (Pisces, Cancer, Scorpio), then you’re empathic and in tune with your emotions. You may also find that you’re heavily influenced by the energy of others around you. Water signs are mysterious, spiritual, and intuitive. They are naturally in tune with the unconscious world around them and find it easy to read the emotions of others.

If your rising sign is an earth sign (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn), then you’re grounded and concerned with matters of the material world like work, service, possessions, and earthly pleasures. Earth signs are usually organized and pragmatic. Earth signs prioritize practicality, stability, and comfort.

If your ascendant sign is an air sign (Aquarius, Gemini, Libra), then you’re quick-witted, intellectual, rebellious, and are comfortable expressing yourself verbally. Air signs prioritize communication, thinking, and talking. You may also find that it’s easy for you to tap into your creative side. Air signs enjoy socializing and play, but are also rational and logical.

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What Is My Sun Sign?

Your sun sign (aka star sign) represents your basic nature. Your sun sign represents how you express yourself consciously in the waking world. The sun corresponds with divine energy and vitality, which is why your sun sign is an indicator of how you assert yourself in the world.

Keep in mind that your entire natal chart colors who you are. This is why you may not necessarily identify with popular traits of your sun sign.

For instance, if your sun sign is a fire sign. But you don’t identify with the fiery traits that are often associated with that sign, it’s probably because there’s a lot of water or earth energy throughout your natal chart.

These other signs play an essential part in shaping who you are. Your signs, the planets, and the houses they fall in each play a significant role in coloring every aspect of your identity.

Your birth chart provides a picture of how the cosmos were aligned the moment you were born. Because of this, each sign and the planets they fall under makes a profound impact on who you are.

What is My Rising Sign?

What Is My Moon Sign?

Where the sun represents your conscious self, your moon represents your subconscious shadow side. Your moon sign reveals your emotional side and intuition. It uncovers your emotional needs, and what you need in order to feel emotionally fulfilled.

The moon sign is often tied to how you react emotionally to certain things as well. Additionally, your moon sign reveals a lot about your love life. Because the moon sign is related to your emotional side, it often deals with matters of the heart.

You may find yourself subconsciously drawn to certain signs. If you’ve ever wondered why you constantly find yourself dating Leos, knowing your moon sign can uncover why that is.

Where the sun is connected to energetic vitality, the moon is deep and soulful. The duality of the sun and moon work in tandem to achieve divine balance, so it’s important to know both of these signs.

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What Is My Rising Sign: The Conclusion

The Sun Moon and Rising sign are what’s known as “Your Big 3”.

The number 3 is important in spirituality because it represents the holy trinity, as well as divine creative potential and spiritual abundance. Your Sun Moon and Rising sign provide the foundation of who you are.

Your other signs, such as your Venus and Mars signs are also quite important in deciphering your ways of loving, as well as what angers or sets you off. Wanting to dive deeper into what makes you, you? Try using a birth chart calculator. It can reveal a much deeper look at all the astrological influences that make you, you.

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Pro Tip: Our sister site has a great birth chart / natal chart calculator that we highly recommend using! Saying it’s thorough is a bit of an understatement.

It’s also important to pinpoint your exact time of birth and location. This will provide the most accurate reading of your birth chart. The Sun, Moon, and Rising signs all work in tandem. So it’s essential to know what they are to better understand how the zodiac unveils your true nature and life path.

Have any questions or need a little more guidance? Leave us a comment below – we’re happy to help! Or head over to our forums and chat astrology with us!


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