DVD Review: Must Love Dogs

Must Love Dogs tells the story of Sarah Nolan (Diane Lane), a newly divorced woman cautiously rediscovering romance with the enthusiastic but often misguided help of her well-meaning family. As she braves a series of hilarious disastrous mismatches and first dates, Sarah begins to trust her own instincts again and learns that. No matter what, it’s never a good idea to give up on love.

Special features include:
Additional scenes with optional commentary, pass the beef gag reel, and theatrical trailer.

If you’re looking for a chick flick, then this is a definite pick! Diane Lane is simply stunning in this movie. Her portray of a middle aged single woman depicts the same emotions that many single women of all ages feel. If only all those women were as lucky to have the charming John Cusack come in and sweeps them off their feet. This movie takes a couple interesting twists and turns that you will find yourself yelling at Diane’s character for, but in the end everything comes together, as all romantic comedies do.

The movie explores the world of internet dating, a topic that many are still extremely skeptical of. However, the movie presents the topic with plenty of humor and intrigue. I can’t help but compare this movie to You Got Mail. I think most all of the females will find themselves much more taken with John Cusack than with Tom Hanks, and Diane Lane possess an onscreen elegance that Meg Ryan simply cannot touch.

I also must mention Christopher Plummer. He does an excellent job in this film as the father. While it starts off rather humorous seeing him with all of his lady friends, you soon learn that he is in fact trying to past the time (or tap dance as he puts it) as quickly as he can, so he will not remember that he lost the love of his life. His character is one of many that you will find yourself emotionally attached to by the end.

While the movie is entirely predictable, it is extremely cute and heartwarming none the less. An excellent date movie or a movie to plop yourself down in front of the tube with a couple of your best friends and eat tub of ice cream. It’s just simply adorable.

Review by Emma Loggins

Grade: A-
Official site: http://www.mustlovedogsmovie.com/
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