DVD Review: Dukes of Hazzard

Action Comedy based on the hit television series that ran from 1979-85. Set in present day, The Dukes of Hazzard follows the adventures of “good old boy” cousins Bo (Seann William Scott) and Luke (Johnny Knoxville) Duke, who with the help of their eye-catching cousin Daisy (Jessica Simpson) and moonshine-running Uncle Jesse (Willie Nelson), try and save the family farm from being destroyed by Hazzard County’s corrupt commissioner Boss Hogg (Burt Reynolds). Their efforts constantly find the “Duke Boys” eluding authorities in “The General Lee,” their famed 1969 orange Dodge Charger that keeps them one step ahead of the dimwitted antics of the small southern town’s Sheriff Roscoe P. Coltrane (M.C. Gainey).

Special features include:
Contains footage never shown in theaters, Two sets of additional scenes: unrated and “PG-13”, Featurettes include: Daisy Dukes:
The Short Short Shorts (Learn how they made the shorts so short and how to make your own), The General Lee Lives
(A close look at the beloved car), How to Launch a Muscle Car 175 feet in 4 Seconds (How they pulled off such a large
scale car jumping stunt), Two gag reels: unrated and “PG-13”, Jessica Simpson’s “These Boots are Made for Walking” music video, and
The Hazards of Dukes: Behind-the-scenes look

If for no other reason, you should check out this dvd just for the Dodge Charger. The car is beautiful, and you’ll find yourself crying at all the times this beautiful car is crashed… Especially in all the outtakes.

Overall, the movie is a decent representation of the show, it’s definitely updated for the times, yet it still manages to hold on to that classic element. The cast was put together nicely, and the overall storyline is strong. You will find yourself laughing at all the stupid things that Bo and Luke get themselves into, and you will also find yourself admiring the beautiful Jessica Simpson, who plays the role of Daisy perfectly.

There really isn’t a reason to go with the unrated over the PG-13 version, unless you want to see some topless sorority girls and a bunch of cussing. Not my thing, so I didn’t really enjoy that part, but I know that some guys out there will be in heaven.

Review by Emma Loggins

Grade: B-
Official site: http://dukesofhazzard.warnerbros.com/
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