Just Go With It Review: Don’t Just Go With It

Just Go With It is your typical predictable Valentine’s Day comedy. It has its moments where you will snicker, but overall the interactions between the characters seem very contrived. So here’s the story…

Adam Sandler plays a character named Danny who bailed on his wedding day after finding out his wife-to-be was cheating on him. After leaving the wedding, he naturally hits up the bar and the drinks. As he contemplates what the hell happened (while staring at his wedding ring), a beautiful girl sits down next to him and thus the madness begins… he invents a story about being in a horrible marriage and the girl finds herself oddly attracted. This technique works well for Danny for the next 20 years, but backfires on him once he starts romancing a much younger school teacher named Palmer (Brooklyn Decker). Danny finds himself inventing lie after lie so that Palmer won’t know the truth, and he finds himself drawing his loyal assistant Katherine (Jennifer Aniston) into his web of deceit. Danny asks Katherine to pose as his ex-wife so that Palmer knows the couple is truly separated, and as the lies get bigger and bigger and Katherine’s kids become involved… They all head off for a weekend in Hawaii which ultimately changes everyone’s lives.

Parts of this film were just painful for me. There were multiple points where Danny could have offer Palmer an easy explanation instead of a more elaborate lie. For example, when Katherine let it slip that she had kids – thus implying that Danny had kids – how hard would it have been for either of them to have said they were from a previous relationship? Nope, Danny has to claim them as his own. Moments like these paired with awkward humor just made the majority of the film come across as ridiculous to me. Not that I didn’t truly laugh some too, because I did. The film has its moments, but overall it was just way too cheesy for me.

Grade: C

Review By: Emma Loggins


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  1. I saw the advert for this on TV last night and was in stitches! I love Adam Sandler and the little dark haired girl’s scene from it! I actually laughed way too loudly for my other-half to handle!! *Blushes* Can’t wait for it to hit the big screen!!! Thanks for the review Emma, knowing you thought it as cheesy probably means i’ll love it! I like a bit of cheese! =D

  2. haha it definitely had moments that were funny – I just think it could have been a better film had they spent a bit more time editing the film. It doesn’t have much competition this weekend so I’m sure it’ll actually do pretty well.