Interview: Sara Paxton from Sydney White


America’s sweetheart Amanda Bynes brings her trademark style of comedy to the funny and charming underdog tale, Sydney White. When tomboy Sydney (Bynes) is banished from the most popular sorority on campus, she is taken in by seven socially challenged but endearing guys. With the help of her new friends, Sydney stands up for outcasts everywhere and takes on the reigning campus queen in a popularity showdown and battle for campus dominance. But can she succeed and also win the heart of gorgeous frat guy Tyler Prince? You’ll love this hilarious and sweet age-old story with a charming modern-day twist.

We had the pleasure of sitting down with the film’s villain played by the beautiful and talented Sara Paxton. Here’s what she had to say:

You play the role of an evil sorority girl in Sydney White. Based on your previous roles, would you say that it is more fun playing the bad guy than the good guy?

I’d have to say, playing the bad guy is more fun, but the downside is, everyone thinks you really are that mean! I like doing anything that challenges me, so for Sydney White, playing the wicked witch was a fun challenge.

What attracted you to this project initially, and what did you think about the format of it being a re-telling of Snow White?

I really liked the fact that to movie was Snow White, but retold in a modern setting. I was always a fan of the classic, fairy tales, so I liked that. I also was attracted the to project because of the challenge of playing the villain. Not only that, but it was my first time playing older than my real age!

Any memorable moments from the set?

There was one scene where I was making all the pledges go through “initiation” and I was quizzing Amanda’s character Sydney on the sorority history, when she gets the answer wrong my character is supposed to spray her with water. Well, Amanda asked me and the two other girls with water guns not to spray her in the face. When the camera started rolling my gun went berserk and I accidentally got her face. I felt so bad!!! But then after her initial shock she started laughing, then we all laughed!

Did you have a favorite scene that was the most fun to film with “Sydney White”?

My favorite scenes to film were probably the ones where my character tortures the pledges by making them do all these dumb things like clean gross bathrooms, and the “date dash ditch” where I made the girls jump out of bed in the middle of the night, and find dates without any makeup or anything. Even though I felt bad having to be mean, it was still funny.

“Sydney White” is a great teen movie, what are your favorite teen movies?

My favorite teen movies are The Breakfast Club, Stand By Me, Pretty In Pink, She’s All That, Clueless, and Legally Blonde to name of few.(of course Aquamarine and Sleepover also, Haha!)

Can you tell us a little bit about what we can expect from your upcoming project “Superhero!”? I’ve heard it’s by the same producers as “Airplane”, can we expect a similar type of humor from the project?

Superhero! is a spoof comedy produced by the same guys who did, “Airplane,” “Scary Movie” and “Naked Gun.” While filming the movie, I could hardly keep a straight face! The script was so hilarious, and that’s what interested me in the project. It’s also my chance to show a more grown up side of me.

What is your role in that film?

Basically the movie is very similar to Spiderman, and I play the “Mary Jane” character, originally played by Kirsten Dunst. My character name is Jill Johnson.

I checked out your official site, and saw that you’re also a singer. I loved “Here We Go Again”! What can your fans expect to see with your music, and do you plan to take a break from acting to pursue a music career?

I am currently writing new songs, and working with a new producer. My music will be out soon for people to hear! It’s been a while since I recorded “Here We Go Again,” and I am excited to show people a new side of me through my music! I also will have a song on the Superhero soundtrack that I hope everyone will like.

Having grown up in Hollywood in a time where there has been so much attention on young starlets, what do you think the trick is to staying grounded and not losing sight of who you are?

I have to thank my family and friends for keeping me grounded. Without their love and support, I don’t know where I’d be.


Interview By: Emma Loggins


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