SyFy Series: Eureka Season 3.5

This season of Eureka picks up right where the last one left us dangling: our beloved Sheriff Carter is a sheriff no more and is preparing to leave small town life for a government job. General Mansfield brings in a replacement for Carter: Sheriff Andy, who is well prepared to take up the position, if not a little strange. You’ll see what I mean. Trouble starts up when a trees fall and block a road, with nothing seeming to cause it. When the problem begins to escalate, Carter and Andy have to work together to save the town.

I’ve been a fan of Eureka since the first season, and season 3.5 has had a good kickoff. It looks like the fans will be in for another enjoyable season of science and geekery. This season looks like it will have more problems for Carter, but of a more personal nature, rather than the usual Eureka mayhem. He’ll be forced to deal with some decisions concerning his daughter Zoe, and it seems our dear Carter will have a new love interest. I’m looking forward to finding out what this season holds for the town and what kind of crazy mishaps are in store.

Eureka starts this Friday, July 10th at 9/8c on Syfy.

If you want a bit more from Eureka, you can always follow S.A.R.A.H, Sheriff Carter’s smart house, on Twitter. She’s very chatty and will usually give updates about the week’s upcoming episode.

Written by: Jessica Mahn


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  1. This has turned out to be a great series. I highly recommend it for some education, some way out there ideas, and some laughs. Also they sometimes address current events. All around good fun show.