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Halle Berry

Halle Berry is an American-born actress best known for her roles in Catwoman, Gothika, and Die Another Day. Since starting her career in Hollywood in the late 1980s, Berry has appeared in more than 60 movies and television series.

Though, it’s not only her on-camera work that has contributed to her success. Halle Berry’s net worth is also affected by her work as a director and producer and her real estate investments. Read on to discover Berry’s most successful projects and follow her career from its start until now.

Young Halle Berry
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Early Life

Maria Halle Berry was born in Cleveland, Ohio, on August 14, 1966. She is the daughter of Jerome Jesse Berry, who is an African American, and Judith Ann Hawkins, an English immigrant. At age five, her name legally changed to Halle Maria Berry, referencing a local department store in their hometown. She was four when her parents divorced, and after that, she lived with her mother.

Berry started competing in beauty pageants in the early 1980s. She bagged several titles, including Miss Teen All American 1985 and Miss Ohio USA 1986. She placed first runner-up to Christy Fichtner (Miss Texas) in the 1986 Miss USA. Her experience on stage drove her to become a fashion model.

She went to Bedford High School and later pursued broadcast journalism at the Cuyahoga Community College.

Halle Berry Close Up
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Acting Career

Halle Berry actually moved to New York City in 1989 to pursue her acting career. However, she found herself initially struggling to get roles. And, at one point, it became so dire that she had to live in a YMCA and a homeless shelter.

In 1989, Berry joined the cast of Living Dolls. Although her time on the series was short-lived, it did open the door for additional projects. Next up would be a minor role in 1991’s Jungle Fever opposite Wesley Snipes and Spike Lee. And over the coming years, she starred in a handful of projects, including Strictly Business, Boomerang, and the TV series Knots Landing.

But it wasn’t until 1993 that she got her first major role, starring as Queen in Alex Haley’s Queen. Starring opposite Ann-Margret, Danny Glover, and Martin Sheen, Berry received no shortage of praise for her performance, which landed her a Best Actress nomination at the American Television Awards.

Two years later, she starred in Losing Isaiah as Khaila Richards. Her other notable films in the ’90s include 1996’s Executive Decision, where she reportedly earned $1 million for her work opposite Kurt Russell and Steven Seagal. She also starred in 1997’s B*A*P*S and 1998’s Bulworth.

Introducing Dorothy Dandridge
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Introducing Dorothy Dandridge

In 1999, Berry co-produced and starred in the TV movie Introducing Dorothy Dandridge. The biopic tells the story of Dorothy Dandridge, the first African American female nominee for the Academy Award for Best Actress.

Berry’s heartfelt performance of Dandridge earned her a number of nominations, two of which led to wins for Best Actress at the Golden Globes and the Primetime Emmys.

X-Men Storm
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X-Men Movies

A sizable boost to Halle Berry’s worth arrived in 2000 with the first of four X-Men films. Berry starred as Storm, the mutant superhero who can create and manipulate storms. On a budget of $75 million, the X-Men grossed more than $296 million worldwide. The movie’s success paved the way for a follow-up with 2003’s X2: X-Men United.

X2 was another massive success for Twentieth Century Fox, grossing more than $407 million globally against a budget of $110 million. So naturally, the film’s box-office earnings greenlit the next film, 2006’s X-Men: The Last Stand.

The third film in the franchise, while still successful, didn’t perform as well. On a sizable budget of $210 million, the film grossed $460 million worldwide. And despite the decline in numbers, the studios were still prepared to move forward with a fourth film, 2014’s X-Men: Days of Future Past.

As of 2022, X-Men Future Past is Berry’s highest-grossing movie. With a budget of $200 million, the film raked in more than $746 million worldwide.

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2001’s Swordfish created a lot of press for Berry as it was the first film in which she had on-camera nudity. Berry starred opposite John Travolta, Hugh Jackman, and Don Cheadle in the flick, which grossed just over $147 million worldwide on a $102 million budget.

Berry was reportedly paid $2.5 million for the role and additional sites report that she was paid even more for the topless scene. However, Berry has denied the statement and added that her then-husband Eric Benét encouraged her to take the risk.

Halle Berry Oscar
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Monster’s Ball

2001 also brought Monster’s Ball, which saw Berry starring as Leticia Musgrove opposite Billy Bob Thornton and Sean Combs. On a budget of just $4 million, including a $600,000 salary for Berry, the film earned over $45 million at the global box office.

And the movie’s success didn’t stop there. Berry’s performance resulted in a slew of Best Actress nominations, and she would take home the award at the Oscars. The historic win made Berry the first African American female to win Best Actress at the Academy Awards.

Die Another Day
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Die Another Day

Berry joined Die Another Day in 2002 as Giacinta “Jinx” Johnson, making her a Bond girl starring alongside Pierce Brosnan. The film’s production was rough for Berry, as she sustained injuries on set caused by debris from a smoke grenade explosion. However, when the film premiered, it was a massive commercial success, grossing over $431 million worldwide on a budget of $142 million.

As of 2022, Die Another Day is Berry’s third-highest-grossing film, and Berry was reportedly paid $4 million for the role.


Another considerable impact on Halle Berry’s net worth came in 2003, when she was cast in the thriller Gothika opposite Robert Downey Jr. It was another box-office success for Berry with gross earnings of more than $141 million globally on a $40 million budget.

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In 2004, Berry starred in Catwoman. The film bombed, not only at the box office, where it only grossed $82 million on its $100 million budget but also with critics and fans. In fact, she earned a Razzie Award for Worst Actress, which she received with amusement.

Despite the movie’s poor performance, it was another notable impact on Halle Berry’s net worth, as she was reportedly paid $14 million for the film.

Halle Berry at the Kingsman: The Golden Circle Photocall at the Comic-Con
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Kingsman: The Golden Circle

In 2017, Berry starred in Kingsman: The Golden Circle alongside Taron Egerton and Colin Firth. The movie was yet another box-office hit for Berry, as it grossed $410.9 million globally against a budget of $104 million.

As of 2022, Kingsman: The Golden Circle is Berry’s fourth highest-grossing film.

John Wick 3 Cast
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John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum

Berry starred alongside Keanu Reeves in 2019’s John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum. Like the other John Wick movies, this one was also a box office success, raking in more than $326 million against a budget of $75 million.

Recent Work

Most recently, Berry appeared in 2022’s Moonfall opposite Patrick Wilson. The film, which was directed by Roland Emmerich, did not perform well at the box office. The movie only grossed $59 million worldwide against a budget of $150 million.

Halle Berry at GLAAD Media Awards
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Other Ventures

Halle Berry’s net worth isn’t just impacted by her on-camera work. She also has a number of producing and directing credits as well.

Berry was an executive producer for the television series Boomerang, which aired from 2019 to 2020. She also produced 2020’s Bruise, which was also her directorial debut. Not only that, but she also starred in the film playing Jackie Justice, a disgraced MMA fighter. 

In addition to her work in the entertainment industry, Berry has also worked with several brands over the year. She signed her first Revlon endorsement deal in 1996. After winning her Oscar in 2004, she renewed the deal for a reported $5 million.

Halle Berry Long Hair
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Real Estate

Also impacting Halle Berry’s net worth are her real estate investments. In 1994, Berry and then-husband David Justice purchased a 4,300-square-foot home in Hollywood Hills. Berry ended up selling the home in 2006 for $4.15 million.

Additionally, Berry purchased a 5,000-square-foot home in Malibu in 2004 for $8.5 million. The property has stunning ocean views from nearly every room of the house. 

Olivier Martinez and Halle Berry
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Personal Life

After splitting from boyfriend John Ronan, Berry married baseball player David Justice in 1993. The couple split four years later. Then, in 2001, she and musician Eric Benét wed. However, the pair went their separate ways in 2005. 

Next, Berry dated Gabriel Aubry, a Canadian model, from 2005 to 2010 and has one child with him. Unfortunately, a bitter custody battle ensued between Berry and Aubry. The legal dispute ended in 2011, with both parents sharing equal custody of their daughter, Nahla.

Halle Berry Smiling
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In 2013, she married fellow actor Olivier Martinez, and together, they have two children. However, Berry and Martinez split in 2016.

Currently, Berry is dating Van Hunt, an American musician and Grammy winner. The couple started dating in 2020, and Berry shared the news via Instagram. 

Halle Berry Net Worth
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Halle Berry’s Net Worth 2022

As of 2022, Halle Berry’s net worth is estimated at $90 million. And while her acting work is a large contributor to her overall net worth, that number is also impacted by her work as a producer and a director. In addition, it’s also affected by her real estate investments over the years.

Fans of Berry can look forward to seeing her next in the sci-fi adventure The Mothership, which is expected to release in 2023. She’ll also star in Our Man from Jersey opposite Mark Wahlberg and J.K. Simmons.

Additionally, Berry is going into pre-production on Mother Land, a film that follows a family that is haunted by an evil spirit. And if that’s not enough movies with the word “mother” in them, she’s got one more in development called Mother, which Berry is not only starring in, but also producing.


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