‘The Walking Dead’ Season 3 Premiere Recap And Cast Party

The Walking Dead finally returned last night on AMC! Our weekly zombie fix is back, and the season 3 premiere episode did not disappoint. The powerful and eerie opening scene which lacked words revealed that more than a few months had past since we last left the group. Lori is very close to having her baby and Carl seems to be a lot more useful with a gun. Looks like we don’t have to worry about Carl getting in the house anymore!

After months of moving around, the group is concerned that the large groups of walkers they’ve encountered may end up merging together. While getting ready to move out again, Daryl and Rick end up stumbling upon a seemingly secure prison. If they can just take care of the walkers inside the prison gates… they may just be safe for awhile, or so they assume.

That night they gather around a campfire and have a moment of normalcy as Maggie sings a beautiful song and others join in. Rick is ready to push forward into the prison though. He assumes that the facility probably fell quickly – thus meaning there is some serious loot inside that would help them. With a baby on the way and ammunition low, they can’t afford to wait.

One of the most interesting elements of this season (in my opinion) will be Lori’s pregnancy. Will the baby be born alive? Or is it possible that if the child dies inside of her (due to the lack of nutrition that Lori has been able to intake) – could the baby be a walker? What if the child kills Lori from the inside? There’s plenty of horrible scenarios that could unfold…

[Spoiler Ahead From Last Night….]

The group moves into the prison, and part of the group pushes further to see what they can find. Everything seems to be going as well as it can… until they run into more walkers. Not all of the group makes it to safety unscathed… Herschel gets bitten.

In the graphically intense closing, Rick hacks off Herschel’s leg. The camera pans up from there and we see a small group of survivors that are not apart of our core group. They have a horrified look on their faces (Can’t blame them – that was an intense scene!)… but at the moment at least – they don’t seem too harmful. We’ll have to wait for next week’s episode for more background information on them!

We also briefly saw Andrea and Michonne. Don’t worry – you’ll definitely be seeing a good bit more of them this season!

So Season 3 of The Walking Dead is officially underway! And we’ll be bringing you lots of goodness (and some exclusives) all throughout the season!

Last night, I had the pleasure of viewing the episode premiere at IronE Singleton’s ( who plays T-Dog on the series) home just outside of Atlanta. Cast members, friends, and press all sipped on specialty drinks (The Bloody Palm) and snacked on BBQ from DBA Barbecue as we all chatted about the series up until the premiere.

I have a few pictures from the event below! You can check out a few more plus tweets from last night on my twitter feed here – @EmmaLoggins

The Walking Dead Season 3 Premiere Party

Walking Dead Season 3 Party
IronE Singleton (T-Dog) and I

Walking Dead Season 3 Party
IronE Singleton welcoming everyone

Walking Dead Season 3 Party
Michael Rooker (Merle) and I

Walking Dead Season 3 Party
Viewing Party!

Walking Dead Season 3 Party
Table decorations

Need more Walking Dead goodness? Rodney Ho of the AJC also has a great write up of the event plus episode recap here.

IronE and his amazing wife were so kind to welcome us all into his home! I had such a wonderful time and truly appreciate how warm and welcoming they were!

Article By: Emma Loggins


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  1. Hey no need to watch Walking Dead Season 3 alone!!!

    Were throwing an event this Sunday for the Season 3 episodes. It’s a Walking dead viewing party. Its free. 3 dollar zombie shots & fun for guys/girls that enjoy the show!

    Sunday Oct. 21st 2012

    Zucca Pizza – Smyrna Market Village
    2860 Atlanta Road Southeast Smyrna GA 30082

    [email protected] with any questions