‘Falling Skies’ 3.08 Episode Recap & Review: Strange Brew

Welcome to episode 8 of Falling Skies, which certainly is a “Strange Brew”! This episode takes us on a ride through the mind Tom Mason, giving us a glimpse into what his life must have been like before the invasion AND introducing us to the long gone and previously unlamented Rebecca Mason! I will admit, I was worried that this episode would be boring, the alternate life dream thing has been done over and over in science fiction and usually follows a fairly predictable pattern. You know the one, the character wakes up from a nightmare to find himself sleeping in his comfortable bed in his comfortable home, next to his loving wife, with his kids right down the hall. He moves through his day, and all seems normal, but something is off. In this case, there is this oddly familiar, Weaver like bum who seems to be around every corner and out every window preaching the end and telling people to wake up. Things keep getting weirder as the day goes on with messages from a lover that doesn’t exist. Who is this Anne Glass?? And why is she trying to wreck the Professor’s perfect little life?

The dream sequence was handled really well, my personal favorite scenes being the ones that involved Professor Pope and Mr Anne Glass (Dai). Gradually though, Tom realizes that this is a dream, possibly because every person he means seems determined to know where he is going, New York, Chicago, Jacksonville, or Boston? What gives? Finally he wakes up to find himself being tortured by Karen, looking for the site of the suspected Volm/human attack on the Espheni. Only Tom isn’t awake, this is a dream within a dream (again following the pattern) where things just go a bit too smoothly. Tom finally breaks free and finds himself in reality. A reality where Karen shows him Anne and Alexis’ dead bodies and claims that he left her with no choice. May I just say “whatever!”. But anyway, moving on!

Tom manages to escape via a Skitter ride from a rather great height to the pavement below and begins the long walk back to Charleston. (I find it strange that Karen just let him go!) on the way he walks right past his old home (Hey! He is in Boston!) and can’t resist going in (this reminded me of Weaver’s trip back to his home in Season 1). He makes his way upstairs and there he breaks down, giving in to the grief of losing the life he had. At this point he is visited by the ghost/memory of Rebecca in a very intimate and touching scene. This was really well done! She tells him how much she loves him and then urges him to get up and move on without looking back. He is startled by a stray cat, and when he looks back she is gone. And the episode closes with him walking away from the past and into the future.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch (sorry, couldn’t resist) other stuff happened. Weaver and Pope seem to be strengthening their alliance in Tom’s absence (makes me wonder what Pope’s gonna do when Tom comes walking home…again) and Weaver decides to trust Marina, a little. Also Lourdes tries blow Weaver up, which Maggie inadvertently foils by delaying him in the hallway. The Mason boys show up in Charleston without their father, but they don’t seem worried. Even they realize that Tom is gonna come walking in any day.

All and all a great episode! I wonder if Lourdes will be exposed this season or if she will carry this Mole persona over into Season 4? And as much as I might wish otherwise, Anne and the baby are not dead, so I wonder when they will be re-appearing and how advanced Alexis will be. I feel sure that she will no longer be a baby (this is another commonly used storyline after all!). Only 2 more episodes to go before the end of our season. I hope you will join us next week for Dawn’s review of episode 9. Now if you will excuse me, I have to go find some tissue so I can cry my eyes out (only 2 episodes!!!). See you next time!


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  1. This episode was aptly titled since it was a Strange Brew indeed. Nice to see all the characters in a different environment in the dream sequences. Noah Wylie was excellent in the scenes with Tom and Rebecca in Boston. So poignant.

    As for Anne and Alexis, they’re still alive. Karen is just waiting for the right moment to use them to further her plans.

    Overall this was a great episode. Thanks for the recap.